Suppose this were advertising English Workers?

I believe that people should have the right to discriminate in any way and on any grounds that take their fancy. However, if this poster had been advertising English workers as superior to foreigners, the place where I saw it would long since have been raided by two vanloads of sweating, self-righteous plod. Because it implies that our own people are shiftless and bone idle, the authorities don’t care. Anyone who believes the anti-discrimination laws are for any other purpose than oppressing us need only look at this. SIG

9 responses to “Suppose this were advertising English Workers?

  1. Julia Gasper

    This is racist. Why is it allowed?

  2. It’s allowed because to denigrate and humiliate English people is not defined as racist by GramscoFabiaNazis. Theye decided that because to denigrate and humiliate indigenous English Peoples is part of their primary strategic objective, and they are very very focussed on it in a very real way.

  3. It is an advertisement for getting workers from another area – Eastern Europe. It gets away with the ad because it does not say the obvious – [1] are you fed up trying to get workers to work for you for minimum wage, who know their rights, understand the language so will know what you are talking about, will not be undermined by poor working conditions, lax H&S measures, obscene hours of work, poor contractual standards and because the Brits won’t work for the minimum wage [or less ;)] Added to this [2] If you can’t be bothered to advertise for workers in the UK we will ‘get’ them for you – cheap labour and cost effective recruitment.

    Don’t blame the ad bods blame the politicos and industry [the employers] we have allowed to side step employment issues in the UK. There are reasons such as immigration and black market but the ad pulls its punches in the subtle = low waged ready to be exploited work force. Now what employer is going to miss out on this opportunity?

    Don’t ban the ad get another one to promote British unemployed to jobs.

    • I don’t suggest it should be banned. As said, I don’t believe in restrictions of freedom and speech and association. I simply note the hypocrisy this advertisement shows.

  4. I realise that Sean. The hypocrisy is there for all to see. The sad thing is that there is no counter ad to promote employment of British workers – now if there was and that was banned I think there could be some mileage made in promoting freedom of speech and association.

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  6. What would you say if the advert was true?

  7. To some extent the ad is true. Thousands of East Europeans, post-communist era eager to get out and explore, make some decent money and live the kind of life they believe existed in the west.They are competing against a strata of the workforce, usually at the low skill,low wage end who have been educated out of the sense of responsibility for one’s self and family, where work is to provide for luxuries and basics being a right provided by the state.So if the kind of wage they can attract doesn’t deliver, then why work.

    At one time it was the Chinese people who took over this role. Of course bringing in hundreds of thousands as immigrants would have been impractical so, jobs were simply shifted over there. But it won’t last. Already Chinese workers are demanding more rights and financial reward as they become more prosperous through their countries economic miracles.Neither will the eagerness of East Europeans last. Accepting whatever they can get will diminish as the differentials between East and West standards begin to narrow.

    Question is, what do we do. Sooner or later we have to remove obstacles from our own people so they too regain the kind of work ethic which made this country the ‘workshop of the world’. We have to get rid of attitudes in education which says pupils ought to be more concerned with their emotional responses to third world child soldiers and what not, than with their obligations to themselves and any off-spring they produce; more concerned with ‘citizenship’ than competing in school to be the best at something and have a pride in personal achievement.

    It’s no good blocking someone from the race because you know they will likely out run you, you have to strive to beat them. We have to be in the same game.

    • I agree Patricia: We do have to be in the same game – and may I suggest accept the rules of the game? Competitiveness, fair play, adaptability, innovation along side aspiration, and finally an understanding that life, as is, is not fair or equal but it can be rewarding and sustaining. We can’t all be winners in the same race, but we can be winners in other races.