“There is a fault: do not adjust your set”

David Davis

This story seems to have appeared twice, and is attracting comments in two different places. I am trying to figure out how to move one set of comments to the other story and delete one whole copy of the story, as it makes us look like a plie of internet-tyros.

This is never good in the world of libertarianism, where everybody from the age of five is a nettie-wizard who drinks coffee all night and brings down governments with a click of a mouse, and knows about “Linux” and “Red Hat” (whatever those things might be.)

Does anybody know how I could do that? I have rotating squads of chimpanzees lying upside down in the bowels of the nissen hut, with screwdrivers and soldering irons, gasping for air. But they don’t seem to be getting anywhere. Any help would be appreciated.

3 responses to ““There is a fault: do not adjust your set”

  1. James Halifax

    Perhaps the commenters on the second posting could be persuaded to repost on the first? Not very technical, sorry.

    Or you could leave them both up, as parallel threads, separate but equal. There is a precedent for this with the two Libertarian Alliances in existence.

  2. My fault entirely, David. I converted this posting from a pdf that turned up in my mailbox. The resulting Word document was rather complex in its formatting, and I lost patience while WordPress was doing its bit. So I posted it again in a different way. I then went off and did other things. The result it two postings, one of which is badly formatted.

    Because I made the mess, do leave it to me to clear it up as best I can.

  3. It’s OK Sean, don’t worry. I think the commentariat find our organisation’s somewhat shambolic aproach to the internet rather qaintly amusing. It makes us look more harmelss than we are.