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Aliança-Libertária caption competition, no-666

I Don’t Think the Last Diamond Jubilee was this Tacky

The Battle for the Cato Institute | Politics & Personalities | Washingtonian

The Battle for the Cato Institute

Charles Koch and Ed Crane were once allies in the libertarian movement. Now the former friends are facing off in a fight for control of Cato, the think tank they founded together 35 years ago. By Luke Mullins

Billionaire Charles Koch (left) has emerged as a champion of the Tea Party, while Ed Crane has remained a strict libertarian. Illustration by Steve Brodner.

Ed Crane lumbered into Capitol Hill’s Christ Church on a rainy morning in October 2011. He walked the creaky floors in the 19th-century nave and found a seat in the paint-chipped pews. Mourners crowded the interior as the choir began singing.

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Everything You Might Have Wanted to Know about the Jubilee

Thoughts on the Diamond Jubilee

Thoughts on the Diamond Jubilee:
Sixty Years a Rubber Stamp
By Sean Gabb

Those of us who pay attention to such things will have noticed a difference between the BBC coverage of the Golden Jubilee in 2002 and of the present Diamond Jubilee. Ten years ago, the coverage was adequate, though reluctant and even a little stiff. This time, it has been gushing and completely uncritical. There are various possible reasons for my observation. The first is that I was mistaken then and am mistaken now. I do not think this is the case, but feel obliged to mention it. The second is that Golden Jubilees are rare events, and Diamond Jubilees very rare events, and that extreme rarity justifies a setting aside of republican scruples. The third is that the BBC was taken by surprise in 2002 by the scale of public enthusiasm, and does not wish to be caught out again. The fourth is that, while not particularly conservative on main issues, we do now have a Conservative Government, and this is headed by a cousin of Her Majesty. There may be many other reasons. Continue reading

Let us use our power and be thankful

David Davis

I just passed by my facebook page a minute ago, to see how the flowers are growing.

Here’s a picture I used a little time ago. Even though the GreeNazis are beaten and gasping in their horror and ire, they will always come back. LIke weeds. They will never say sorry and they will never give up. This is the last serious chance that leftoNazis have to destroy liberal civilisation, and they strive and strive hard. If they bugger it up this time, they are f***ed, for good. Because once everybody’s cottoned on to the fact that they were “avvin-us-fer-a-laff”, they are dead.


So Long as Government Exists, a Governing Class is Inevitable

by Kevin Carson

It was inevitable, argued English liberal Oliver Brett in his 1921 work A Defence of Liberty, that so-called “state socialism” would become simply another class society — this time with the state bureaucracy in the position of privilege. “So long as Government exists at all” — so went his brilliant quip on the principle — “a governing class is inevitable.” Just as everyone who attended Eton — regardless of their class of origin or what rustic access they originally spoke — “bore the stamp of Eton,” everyone who exercises state power bears the stamp of that power. Government molds everyone who wields its authority into a governing type. Continue reading