Slow and painful death

David Davis

I did warn people about the Euro in the late 1990s, when it was all new and what a previous boss of mine called “so shiny”. Rashly, I even took on a £25 bet with a young YEM fellow whose name now escapes me, and which I lost: what was that the Euro would fall irreversibly below 50p within a year of issue. I lost, and paid him.

I think he was called Nick something or other. If you’re reading this, Nick, then you’ll know who you are, and I’d like to talk to you again about the Euro although you might not want to as it seems to have hit on some inconveniences and embarrassments. And no, I don’t want the money back, it’s quite all right: anyway, I expect you and your bureaucrats have probably spent it long ago.

Perhaps the EUSSR founding fathers made an error in their strategic plan, when, due to the time when they set us all off on our journey to their Promised Land, the overt use of terror-police was, er, sort of slightly out-of-favour for the present, as there were lots of Americans still wandering about in Europe, with guns and tanks and planes, and able to give stockings, popcorn, tomato-juice in 4-pint-tins (I always loved it when “Graham” came to visit my mother, having been to the “PX” at Lakenfield or somewhere), and candy to anyone they fancied. (I’m not saying that occupying Americans were deliberately being shallow, non-serious, bird-pulling, or non-communautaire, or anti-Marxist: just being kind to people they would have met.)

But maybe if they-Monnet/Schumann-bastards put the terror-mechanisms in place first, and publicly shot several dozen “dissidents and negative-thinking unfit reactionaries”, and only then gone for “economic union”, then they might justhave succeeded. Public terror of anything disorderly would have been at a high potential level still, and people would have queued to “hand in” anyone looking like he wanted to argue about stuff the authorities said. They’d also possibly have got us too, in the UK, irrevocably snared in the jaws of their jinntrap.

But then they’d have looked exactly like their brothers-in-thought, who we’d just anihilated a few months before. And worse – or at least as bad -they’d have looked just like the other lot of Nazi scumbag Marxists who thought the same, over the other side of the Elbe from Torgau, who’d just revealed their own faces finally, and who came from somewhere further east.

2 responses to “Slow and painful death

  1. C H Ingoldby

    I remember a newspaper cartoon at the time they were trying to get Major the Trembler to join the ERM as a first step to the Euro.

    It showed Jesus raising Lazarus and a bystander is saying ‘he’s joined the ERM’. We were told being in the ERM would mean ‘stability’ and low interest rates……

  2. Terror mechanisms is an apt description for what they have applied to Italy, in every possible way. It used to be physical intimidation, from the cold-blooded murder of all potential non-communist leaders in the aftermath of World War II, in what was called “the triangle of death”, to the endless terrorist Red Brigade murders, the last of which was carried out as recently as 2002 (when they gunned down Marco Biagi, an economics professor guilty of collaborating with the enemy, i.e. with the Berlusconi government). This kind of national trauma reinforces the psychological intimidation of political correctness which everyone in the West has experienced. Here now it has turned to economic intimidation, with the value of mammoth Italian companies plummeting because of “shorting” by the financial élite, sold out by the communists-in-disguise at a fraction of what their material property is worth. Berlusconi was no great deal, but his tawdry “bunga-bunga” sex-parties would never have come to light if he hadn’t been keeping the Eussr communists at bay. Now we have an unelected Prime Minister from the very financial world that did us in. His administration has swiftly gone to work to impoverish the middle and lower class, pitting us against each other, while keeping intact the privileges it was supposed to be here to abolish.