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My novel, The Break, is a story of largely supernatural catastrophe. No shadow people here, but plenty of action, various scummy politicians, and a happy ending. SIG

Note: Will it bring men in white coats knocking on my door if I say that I “saw” such creatures when I was a very young child? That doesn’t mean I believe in their existence. Seeing things that aren’t there and can’t be there may be a part of tuning the human mind. But it’s interesting to read that others have seen them. Mr Blake describes one in his Blood of Alexandria. SIG

Second Note (26th April 2012): I’m reblogging this because people won’t stop looking at it.

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  1. Not just imagination, that’s for sure ! It’s all has Religions tell… But there are the good ones as well, and I’ve had marvellous experiences. I did get scared,but have felt the “presence” – in no way it is just imagination as I’ve already said… For years I have been wondering, and finally have found that others have also felt “it”. Just watch: “Dr. Lloyd Rudy’s interview” on you tube. And if you just happen to have the nice experiences, your life will change for the better. Trust me !