We might need these one day

David Davis

The fellows over at Samizdata have noticed that someone has found 20 carefully-packed and wrapped “NOS” Spitfires in Burma. (For those of a less engineering/technical bent, “NOS” means “new old stock”.) I did think of writing about this here a few days ago but I got distracted by a fly, or something.

It’ll be nice if they can be reassembled, tested and flown. Trouble is, we may be “short of pilots”, in exactly the same way that old Chris Tame used to remark that the end-times for liberty may be coming in Britain, as there are now “too few people left who could make a difference”.

One response to “We might need these one day

  1. C H Ingoldby

    Burying brand new Spitfires.

    A remarkable example of how stupid and wasteful government bureaucracy can be.