Very Wicked Killings in France

by Sean Gabb

Nothing more to be said.

4 responses to “Very Wicked Killings in France

  1. C H Ingoldby


  2. There is more now. The ruling class media went into a frenzy about the danger of white “neo-nazis.” As the rest of us had taken for granted, it seems the killer was a Moslem immigrant.

  3. Joseph Latimer

    Very tragic events. But I and probably others refrained from speculating publicly about the killer’s likely background because of the memory of last year’s terrorism in Norway, which I’d naturally imagined to be the work of a member of that country’s large Muslim population, and then it turned out to be Anders Behring Breivik.

  4. The killing of Jewish children – was always likely to be a Muslim (or maybe Sean’s form Moslem is more traditional in English – Mahometan is the real English form) – because there are virtually zero “fascists” who are animated by hatred of Jewish children. Think about your knowledge of English culture, French culture etc – how many of us have ever met anyone English or French who wanted to kill Jewish children. The answer is none. Even Breivik in Norway was pro-Jewish – as he saw Islam at the main problem.

    It was difficult to be sure what was going to emerge in this case – as the possibility of a “false flag” operation where it appeared to have been done by a native French man was not nugatory. But as Melanie McDonagh says in the Spectator (, “the unpleasant reality is that anti-Semitism in Europe is now predominantly territory occupied by Islamists, not by old-fashioned fascists”.

    As Joseph Latimer says, the Breivik killings were disorienting, as they jarred with what we knew of Norwegians. So there was always a small possibility of one lone French man doing this – but the probability – several hundred to one – was that this was not something done by a Frenchman.