I’m sorry, I’ll do it again…

David Davis

I saw this today on a real van………….U CO2 GAS …In the car lot of 79 Albert Road Southport Merseyside UK.

It was a gas fitter’s van (I presume?). Worse, he’s even a private firm, nothing to do even with the State: doubly horrible. Truly, now, we are f***ed. Unless the GramscoStaliNazis are killed and barbecued and eaten in front of their children, who may be forced to watch. This is the only way we can return to a forward-focussed-strategic-plan to get off this planet before the next Ice Age.

Sorry. I did mean what I said, not to post any more personal number plates, but this really is too very, very bad, and I had to confer my pain onto all you people so I could bear it. Horrible. A problem shared is a problem doubled. So maybe something will now be done.

3 responses to “I’m sorry, I’ll do it again…

  1. This morning, I saw … MR5 6LAM … with the “6” craftily split by a white bolt to look like a “G” … You can tell this place is near Liverpool.

  2. Oh, and today…..
    GO60LAR, carefully made up with self-coloured bolts to say GO S0LAR …
    clearly there is a lot of disindoctrination about global-wamrNazimongering to be done, even locally. It’s very discouraging really.

  3. James Halifax

    Well, the apolitical majority of “non-thinkers” are most easily indoctrinated into unwittingly taking very political stances on all kinds of things, as we know. Being hierarchical animals we let our perceived and often self-appointed superiors decide what are to be our morals at the top, and most of us work within that framework that they set up. If Mr or Miss Normal gets a sudden fit of morality they can go and buy Fair Trade products or install solar or wind power on their roof, because these are uncontroversial and obvious signals to their peers of moral virtue. And it’s easier than running a soup kitchen.

    The fad amongst some (and remember they are a minority) for ostentatious personalised numberplates is merely the primate desire for status and “recognition” They are naive enough to suppose that being “recognised” in this day and age is an unmixed blessing. The sensible thing to do would be to keep their heads down and hope that the politicised robocops target somebody else for one of those unavoidable crimes that make good people feel guilty and put up less of a fight against police statism than morally confident free men would do.