Conservative Promises

Dear Baroness Sayeeda Warsi,

As requested by you we have visited the website and listened to David Cameron’s Party Political Broadcast on “delivering the promises”. ()

As at the time of the leadership elections we as Conservative branch Chairman and Secretary, with our Treasurer, were the only Conservatives of our North Dorset Constituency to make the trip to the Exeter hustings to listen to David Cameron debating with David Davis when bidding for the leadership of the party.

The single “firm” promise he made on that bitterly cold evening in the Cattle Market was, “If you elect me as leader, I promise to take the Conservative MEPs out of the clutches of Hans-Gert Poettering and his EPP/ED group in the European Parliament, not within days, not within months but within weeks”. This is the first promise David Cameron broke.

He also promised as part of the following Conservative Election Manifesto a “cast iron” commitment to give the country a referendum on the Lisbon Treaty. This is another promise broken.

He assured all members of the Countryside Alliance that, if they campaigned for the Conservative Party at the General Election, he would repeal the Hunting Act. Another broken promise.

We do not need to go on; the broken promises follow one after another. We have resigned as Conservatives in disgust and our thriving branch which encompassed two wards is now moribund. If the Conservative Party does not start to be again a true Conservative Party rather than leaning ever more towards the Liberal Democrats they assuredly will not win the next General Election.

You will not be able to say you have not been warned by many life-long Conservatives.


Bill& Ann Woodhouse

5 responses to “Conservative Promises

  1. Reminds me of various discussions on the internet, including here, about whether to vote Tory or not.

    How’s that “at least they won’t be as bad as Labour” argument holding up in the light of experience?

    Also, the funny thing is this; come the next election, most of these angry, betrayed Tories will vote for them again. To keep Labour out. And so it goes.

  2. Point taken. But if they’ve stopped very little, they’ve started very little. And they did get rid of identity cards. Whether it will be worth voting for them next time is another matter.

  3. Well, I would put the argument that things now are not one iota better than they would have been under Labour. Which of course was my argument before the election, I admit.

  4. I think they would have been worse under Labour, which is symbiotically joined to the clerisy, while the Conservatives are not. And we don’t have identity cards – not yet, anyway!

  5. David Mclean

    So they got rid of ID cards eh? In the light of today’s announcement that the Govt wants access to our emails, browsing history etc, who in their right mind would bet against U-Turn Cameron bringing ID cards in the moment one of his chums wants the contract?