Coming Soon to a Pig Force Near You!

2 responses to “Coming Soon to a Pig Force Near You!

  1. Again a paper tiger–or, more accurately a 1 sixty-fourth of an inch, 3 sheets of paper tiger. Apart of being incredibly expensive and creating well-paid jobs for the dead-eyed melon-head and the old bag shown in the film what could it’s value possibly be?. I imagine that it would be fairly easy to create a garment that will protect againest these rays as it is ,I believe, to manufacture taser-proof clothing using metal foils (so much for tinfoil helmet jibes). Even if you could turn up the ray to fry people they might as well use it to fry large pallets of money as well. The powers that be already have far cheaper and more effective weapons in the form of firearms. Another gosh-wow gimmick.

  2. Can it be reflected back?