Fiddling while Rome burns

David Davis

I’m sorry, but it’s too much: I can’t stand to pass these up. The extents to which people will go in their vanity and self-regard, while all the world is collapsing about their ears and their children are taught lies on purpose, flummox me utterly.

You must remember here when criticizing me for posting frivolously unimportant stuff, that it is adult human beings who have asked for their cars to be premiumly-identifiable, for money, and also in a modern Efficient-Police State.

P4UL  D … J1LES … T4DAD … SMY11E … M155 SOF … 81GG … WH05 KJW (quite clever actually) … K66FEY … ME 04 HER  (lucky fellow) … T3ACH …

X SU51E … DUM 46 (as a recipe for disaster I’d recommend that one) … 55 OK … D1 4 WAF and B16 WAF (owned by the same people) …

I promise I won’t put up any more. Not for a while anyway.

5 responses to “Fiddling while Rome burns

  1. KPB 111 — my Facel Vega HK-500


  2. That was a “real” reg plate though, Tony!

  3. First car road-tested at over 150 mph both ways on public roads!

    It would pass anything in a straight line, except for filling stations (that big Chrysler V-8 engine!)


  4. Just like mine!

    And Stirling Moss had one too!



    And she lived here with me (until I swapped for a white P1800S Volvo sports coupe — better suited to the twisty roads