Compensating the British for slavery

David Davis

I have had occasion, this morning, to get very annoyed over at Facebook about what some jumped-up-politicoWoman has been saying over in Jamaica.

It appears that the old lie, told often enough and being a big enough lie, about how the British have been the prime-movers of slavery, persists. Frankly I’m not surprised. Two reasons come to mind:-

(1) We as a people are far, far too busy keeping on doing what we do, which is to keep buggering on and working and doing stuff and inventing things and selling other stuff, to be able to devote much time and energy to defending our reputation. We sort of take that as read. We _/Taught The World How To Live/_  , as I never tire of saying. It should be utterly obvious to all on the Planet that we were, are and will be for always, good people. We are So Unlike GramscoFabiaNazis***, most of whom are British sadly and shamefully, and who do harm out of all proportion to their numbers, and who are axiomatically not good.

(2) Socialism, in its various strategically-morphing-disguises, as is natural for Evil to want to adopt from time to time, is a specifically anti-English phenomenon. To be anti-liberal, as opposed to be anti-English-Civilization-culture-and-thought, is a mere triviality, a mere minor generality by contrast. It’s the various modern forms of socialism that have most orgasmically-jumped, salivating and ejaculating, onto the antislavery bandwaggon, carrying anti-Englishness with them while nobody noticed they’d got it in their swagbags and could take it off them first. We were, as I said, too busy to notice.

Continuing to tolerate this level of libel, slander and malicious defamation without riposte is strategic ideological madness. It does two things:

(a) it causes onlookers to think there may be something in the charges against us. Mud sticks: you can’t help it. Sticking is, after all, what mud is for.

(b) it lulls the attackers into thinking they have kicked and booted us on a weak spot and that they are actually right, even though they know full well that they aren’t.

Does anyone on here, all of you being super-intelligent, have anything to offer about a solution to this problem?

***They will have to go, but it will unfortunately take quite some time, and there may be an Endarkenment Stage in which they’d have to prevent their stray children being killed and eaten by starving mobs who have re-learned how to operate in the dark with rushlights, while their searchlights are out and their Argentinian-plastic-mined gateways are temprarily down.

5 responses to “Compensating the British for slavery

  1. To be fair to the lady she only responded to questions put to her.The whole anti-English/slavery thing is propagated by types who never miss an opportunity to use/miss use their access to the international media.
    What to do about it, I don’t know? I suppose we could start by informing these people that compensation,if indeed it was due has been paid tenfold anyway.Independence was followed in almost every case by free access to the ‘mother country’ and therefore to the whole developed world. If compensation is still demanded then we’ll negotiate;come up with a figure minus the benefits gained minus the costs to Britain from having to pacify certain regions somewhere out in the Caribbean to prevent our own kin being dragged off into slavery by various black beard/barbary pirate types.
    Let’s open up the whole discussion.It’s surprising what can happen when we do. Slightly of topic this was done by some humanistic/lefty type on ch 4 last night. Keith Allen interviewing Nick Griffin.To compensate for his treatment on question time old Nick was given time to discuss and put his points across.My guess was that Mr Allen believed even given time and due respect Nick would still appear as some Nazi in waiting. However, it backfired, in my opinion. Not having to spend time fighting off attacks some of his points sounded quite reasonable and he appeared to be quite an intelligent human being. Perhaps Mr Allen could be contracted to negotiate/ discuss the whole slavery and compensation thing too.!

  2. C H Ingoldby

    All I can suggest is that the anti-English leftist filth tend to be complete cowards. For proof, see the way they cringe and self censor their own most heartfelt beliefs in the face of Muslim threats and intimidation.

    They don’t respond to reason, they are dishonest, devious bullies and they are cowards. Knowing this should help in formulating a way to deal with them.

  3. Well, you know my solution. Destroy the “education” system as we know it, and replace it with an education system free of sneer quotes. In particular, the Universities which, however worthy they may have been in the past, are nowadays simply an ideological engine and gatekeeper for the ruling class.

    Revolution is next tuesday, please share cars as parking may be a bit scarce, and make childcare arrangements as it may take all day.

  4. Yes, shut them all down – and throw all the staff into the street to beg for their pensions!

  5. Jack Marshall

    Have you no compassion?!