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I wonder if they did it on purpose

David Davis

[Subsequent edit by author] Further to receiving one-star ( = very poor) I should just rectify my omission, which was clearly observed by the respondent. I forgot to mention the requirement, that will encumber any incoming Libertarian or Revolutionary-Liberalist administration, whether in England, or the UK, or elsewhere, to criminalize and proscribe the existence of any bodies calling themselves “Trade Unions”, which behave in ways shown by the 19th- , 20th-  and 21st-Century British models of same. These outfits have proved themselves, through the deliberate policies and actions of their “officers”, to be far far more insidiously dangerous to life and liberty than any “terrorist” organisation, even the IRA and “Al-Quaeda” (whatever that might be), both of whom might be thought responsible for the deaths of up to 10,000 people each. The deaths probably attributable to the prevalence of “Trade” “Union” and “Workers’ Council” actions within the past 120-odd years probably run into the millions, aside from the planned and avoidable destruction of the UK’s heavy industries, docks, mining industries, railways and shipyards. (None of this needed to happen: the ability to fire all redundant labour upon the advent of better technology, thus keeping wage rates and hours to JapoChindoBraMexican levels, was prevented.)

Roll on the custard pies and rotting tomatoes….but Libertarians ought to begin speaking for real people, not just metropolitan political intellectuals like ourselves.

The coagulation-government is getting stick and rotting-cabbages from various quarters, for seeming to allow Francis Maude (who is, I admit, a bit of a slimy toad at times) to suggest that people should stock up on motor fuels before any putative strike by tanker drivers.

But I wonder…there could be a subtext here. Perhaps some clever Tory strategist thought that by artificially creating a fuel shortage at the pumps before any strike took place, the mass of inchoate but not negligible public opinion could be turned angrily against “UNITE”, whatever sort of GramscoStaliNazi front-organization that might be. I mean to say, it describes itself as a “Trade Union”, although it’s f**k-all to do with trade, and isn’t a union in any meaningful sense with regard to its members’ welfare – only its “officers’ ” wefare, power and prosperity.

Some of this unfocussed but very public mob ire might then rub off against the “Labour Party”, which predictably has failed to come out condemning the “union” – only mouthed platitudes about “the way to solve the crisis is by the negotiations”, as if there was anything meaningful for the drivers’ employers to talk about.

I just wonder if it’s a “cunning plan”. Of course, the predictable mainstream-media-response has been to toast the coagulation for its incompetence and “dangerous advice” (I mean to say! We used to keep old Duckhams 1-gallon oil cans and keep petrol in them for year after year – I always had 6 gallons in the house at any time, when in London years ago – about two-thirds of a tankful). But them the MSM is not on the side of any administration that is not overtly and aggressively GramscoStaliNazi. Perhaps because it thinks that most people viscerally are that, inand to their very bones….and they may sadly be right. Hitler got in, after all, by not misreading the mood of the German general public.

What causes cold winters? Global warming of course. I’ve been waiting for this

by Dave Barnby

 Did anyone watch the pathetic attempt to square the cold winters of the last three years in the UK with ‘global warming’ theory on the State Broadcaster’s Horizon Programme entitled GLOBAL WEIRDING (what a weird name for a programme) tonight? I expect that will be the new buzz word having been unable to make Global Warming and Climate Change stick. Continue reading

Another Hero of the Freedom Movement: Jeremy Hammond

by Kevin Carson

While the anarchist, antiwar and information freedom movements focus their attention — rightly so — on Bradley Manning’s torture and detention for exposing U.S. war crimes, let’s also spare some attention for another hero: Jeremy Hammond. Continue reading

Big Brother is Back – ID Cards Were Nothing Compared to This Government’s Snooping Plans

Note: I had been idly wondering when the evil of which ID cards are the public face would be rolled out again. Let’s hope this whole thing turns out to be a money pit, and that the money soon runs out. There will be no other brake to this. SIG Continue reading

What are new citizens expected to know?

I took the UK Citizenship Test at to see what questions they ask. I got 14 of 24 questions right. I wonder if that means my passport will be revoked. 45 minutes are allowed for a test that takes 3 minutes. Continue reading

A Militant Authoritarian Writes

Note: This was first posted here as a comment on the alcohol pricing thread. Some blogs, I have no doubt, would remove it at once. I think it is worth promoting straight to the front page. It is a classic statement of what we are up against.

Look at the statistical assertions. 80 per cent of Melbournians frightened to use the public transport there? This sounds unlikely. If it isn’t a straight lie, we can ask what questions were asked of how many people. Or “48% reduction in costly and sometimes fatal alcohol related incidents.” What does this mean. What is the nature of these incidents? How many of them were fatal? How many fatalities were caused in any reasonable sense by people whose faculties had been impaired by drink? What is meant by costly? Or “(70% assaults in Oz are down to binge drinking.” Another suspicious claim.

Or look at the debating trick. Let us assume that these laws have dissuaded people from harming others. Even if true, is it necessary to set the limits so low? If you want to discourage bank robbery, is it necessary to hang shoplifters? The obvious purpose of all this is to produce large number of convictions and to frighten people out of drinking.

Then we have the continuous assertion that the right to stay alive is a civil liberty. This is a good one to throw about in a studio. It sounds reasonable, and explaining that it isn’t requires an argument rather than a soundbite. You can argue that staying alive is not a civil liberty, but one of those things that civil liberties are supposed to guarantee. Say that, and wait for the obvious sneered riposte. You can say there are better ways to protect the right to life than abolishing all the freedoms that make life worth having. That’s weak, because it requires you to explain that most of the alleged problem is made up, or that it is more effectively dealt with by enforcement of very old laws.

Yes – has anyone an effective one line response to this point about life as a civil liberty? Michael Howard once came out with it in private. He knew he was twisting words, and backed down when I laughed at him. But I’ve also heard Tony Blair use it. Any answers here? SIG Continue reading

Have a Heart?

by D.J. Webb I read today that Vice president Cheney of the US, 71 years of age, had had a heart transplant. I hope all those under 71 years of age were in the queue first. I don’t think people over 3 score years and ten should be anywhere near the front of the queue for such things. Continue reading