Time for reality: how to simultaneously close-down the UN and end “drug crime”

David Davis

Living very near as I do, as the LA’s Director of Northern Affairs, to these places which the UN chooses to highlight today, I’m not certain that they have their facts right. Yes, the “War On Drugs” has been lost, and yes, some places near here are a bit , er, what we’d call “scallyish”.You’d not want to wander about for more than a few minutes alone at 1.00-am in some Liverpool suburbs. But then, you could say that for Peckham or Brixton or Havana or Salisbury/Southern Rhodesia: or even Rhiyadh or Pyong-Yang – the latter two because the State will be after you as well as the sundry scallies.

But I don’t think we yet have here in The North the results of drug-turf-war-beheadings hanging from buildings the following morning as they do in, say, Mexico. Mexico is a bit nearer to the UN’s adopted home. Perhaps some of its dictatroids might like to address their evidently vast revenues towards that place first? Pot calls kettle black I think.

2 responses to “Time for reality: how to simultaneously close-down the UN and end “drug crime”

  1. Have often mused that they should change the UN Building into a mental home wihout announcing it.How long before anyone noticed?

  2. I accept there is a problem with criminality (when hasn’t there been) but the comparison with mexico is a bit over the top. The term criminal gangs can cover a multitude of sins. It can refer to ciggie smuggling to beat the crippling government duty as much as to some scar face, sub-machine gun toting psycho godfather type. I notice the phrase ‘social exclusion’ got in there. We could get rid of a lot of social exclusion pretty easily by reversing government policy on smoking bans, tobacco duty,drugs etc.