Oh well, I suppose people are allowed to be vain in a free society

David Davis

I spotted: L F06TER (a sort of jeep thing) … RI0 (can’t remember the car, fairly big but not that big) …X27 EMA … oh, and I almost forgot NA51YMA (It’s a silver Lexus) … (her hubby has a couple of Bangaldeshi takeaways near here.) I also see many K155 (…) which must be intra-partner gifts of some kind. Truly, the North West of England is a trainspotter’s paradise. Perhaps it’s something in the water.

Perhaps I begin to understand what gets up the noses of leftoNazis (which is to say: all lefties, pursuant to the Godwin stuff of the other day.)

I do wonder, and care about, how individuals would aspire to behave in a classical-liberal-minimal-statist civilisation. This is the closest to a truly libertarian one that that we practical guys can hope might be achieved, sometime soon before the Next Glaciation. I wonder if the neoplastic rate of sprouting of these sorts of things, is inversely proportional to the absolute amount of liberty available in the UK.

And lastly, why the **** does anyone think that others might want to know, on the road, who the **** you are? And that you are actually there, now?

5 responses to “Oh well, I suppose people are allowed to be vain in a free society

  1. Peter W Watson

    Driving to work today I spied SUPRBOY being driven presumably by his girl friend.

    The Blogmeister replied:-

    “That’s a good one, Peter! But what about the whole phenomeonon then? That’s really what I want to get to the bottom of.”

  2. Radical Rodent

    Smacks to me of a bit of petty jealousy, DD; why cannot a person waste a bit of THEIR OWN MONEY on a bit of pintless frivolity?

    Actually, I do find some of them quite wittily imaginative – or is that another reason for you to vent your spleen?

  3. Radical Rodent

    Dang! Oh, for an edit facility! “…POINTLESS frivolity”

  4. It just “wonders me”, how and/or why people on the move would want everyone to know who they are. It seems like an open invitation to burgulators, and other forms of socialist redistributionist Nazis, to go to your home.