Illustrious Neighbour!

by Sean Gabb

I saw this, the other day, in Sandwich, just a few miles from where I live. What would he have thought of the ruling class England now has?

9 responses to “Illustrious Neighbour!

  1. Tom Paine was a traitor: his deserved place was on a scaffold, watching his entrails being torn apart before him.

  2. Oh, come now! Helping detach us from the Americans was a service that deserved a dukedom. As for the French Revolution, he was wrong about that, but do you feel no faint stirrings of interest when you see those prints of aristos being taken to the guillotine?

  3. Last I heard, Michael Foot was Secretary of the Thomas Paine Society


  4. Tony Benn is Secretary since Michael Foot died in 2010


  5. The thing about America is that the stupid policies of the George III parliaments, following the //First World War// of the 1750s, and the need for France to continue to cause as much trouble and irritation for England as possible. France’s foreign policy towards England has always lain in ruins, not just in 1991 after Gulf-1. This need to multi-task made us do irrational things that caused the English Colonists in America to want to leave us. This having happened, and it being the 1770s, there was no reasonable way out but to let the angry bastards go. We got a bigger and better Canada out of it, which perhaps Sean, on a few minutes’ quiet reflection, may be seen as a rather good deal.

  6. I would not have fought the War of American Independence if I was Lorth North etc. This might have led to them being less unfavourably disposed towards us in the 1800s and 1900s. There might even today be Full Union of the uSA with the UK again.

  7. A great pity that Paine did not end up guillotined by the French, whose beastly, bloody revolution and Terror he helped to create. I think he is on a par with all those revolutionaries with high aspirations for humanity as a lump but a loathing of real people and the traditions and institutions necessary to sustain a civilised existence. A tearer down and not a builder up.

  8. There’s a plaque in honour of him on the corn exchange in my home town, where he was an excise officer.

  9. I think that is the plaque I photographed. If you, you live in Sandwich and are a sort of neighbour, as I live in Deal.