A Note on Corporations

4 responses to “A Note on Corporations

  1. You are so devious Dr Sean.

    1. Add an extra letter. Write in… corrupts.
    Corporations are seldom wholly bad… until subjected to the ambitions of unworthy politicians.

    2. Had a prize been offered it would have been, ‘A Servant – how he Reigneth’ …the official biography of Kenneth Clarke.

    So a. has to be my cunningly correct answer.

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  4. It is crazy for a country, any country to create an entity out of thin air and bestow on it all the privileges of a person with none of the responsibilities. Why would you ever allow people in a group or club called a corporation to do things that would be illegal as an individual. This is another symptom of the disease that is money in politics. The only answer is to shrink the power and scope of government and in so doing the power and privilege of corporations.