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Peter Simple on The New World Order

From his Daily Telegraph column, 11th June 1999. I suspect that Michael Wharton was the greatest political writer of my lifetime. SIG Continue reading

The Ethos of Empire

by David D’Amato

According to USA Today, “A gunman killed two American military advisers with shots to the back of the head Saturday [February 25] inside a heavily guarded ministry building.” The story notes that the Taliban quickly claimed responsibility for the killings and cited them as “retaliation for the Quran burnings” at an American military base. Continue reading

One Night, We Can Hope, the Whole World will Shine Like This!

world view

A Minimum Wage or a Free Economy?

by D.J. Webb



The Conservative and Liberal Democrat halves of our ruling coalition government are engaged in a debate over employment legislation, with some Conservatives calling for less regulation of employment and also for smaller companies to be exempt from minimum-wage legislation. Libertarians oppose state regulation, although I think it would be fair to say that libertarians are seeking a more holistic, workable approach than simply deleting minimum-wage laws. The reason for this is that, in the absence of welfare reform, abolishing the minimum wage will have the result of decreasing yet further any incentive for the unemployed to find work. I am not convinced that removing the minimum wage—especially one set at current rates—will have a significant positive impact on the employment market in the absence of a broader package of measures to free the economy. Continue reading

Time for reality: how to simultaneously close-down the UN and end “drug crime”

David Davis

Living very near as I do, as the LA’s Director of Northern Affairs, to these places which the UN chooses to highlight today, I’m not certain that they have their facts right. Yes, the “War On Drugs” has been lost, and yes, some places near here are a bit , er, what we’d call “scallyish”.You’d not want to wander about for more than a few minutes alone at 1.00-am in some Liverpool suburbs. But then, you could say that for Peckham or Brixton or Havana or Salisbury/Southern Rhodesia: or even Rhiyadh or Pyong-Yang – the latter two because the State will be after you as well as the sundry scallies.

But I don’t think we yet have here in The North the results of drug-turf-war-beheadings hanging from buildings the following morning as they do in, say, Mexico. Mexico is a bit nearer to the UN’s adopted home. Perhaps some of its dictatroids might like to address their evidently vast revenues towards that place first? Pot calls kettle black I think.

Oh well, I suppose people are allowed to be vain in a free society

David Davis

I spotted: L F06TER (a sort of jeep thing) … RI0 (can’t remember the car, fairly big but not that big) …X27 EMA … oh, and I almost forgot NA51YMA (It’s a silver Lexus) … (her hubby has a couple of Bangaldeshi takeaways near here.) I also see many K155 (…) which must be intra-partner gifts of some kind. Truly, the North West of England is a trainspotter’s paradise. Perhaps it’s something in the water.

Perhaps I begin to understand what gets up the noses of leftoNazis (which is to say: all lefties, pursuant to the Godwin stuff of the other day.)

I do wonder, and care about, how individuals would aspire to behave in a classical-liberal-minimal-statist civilisation. This is the closest to a truly libertarian one that that we practical guys can hope might be achieved, sometime soon before the Next Glaciation. I wonder if the neoplastic rate of sprouting of these sorts of things, is inversely proportional to the absolute amount of liberty available in the UK.

And lastly, why the **** does anyone think that others might want to know, on the road, who the **** you are? And that you are actually there, now?

Pam Norfolk Reviews Sword of Damascus

Sword of Damascus
by Richard Blake

Published by Hodder & Stoughton
Hardback Edition: June 2011
Paperback Edition: January 2012 432pp, £19.99
ISBN: 978-1444709667

Age has not entirely wearied Brother Aelric of Jarrow and the years have not yet condemned him to a sedate and sedentary lifestyle. Continue reading