More personalised number plates

David Davis

All observed in the last month or so, in Lancashire and Liverpool.

X 4 DC X….BI6 ROB….MI55 CDW….STO3 LEN (really)….PI MMP (yes really)….MAR6E (I think)….J8YNE….others to follow when I can find the scrap of paper on the dashboard.

5 responses to “More personalised number plates

  1. Did you notice these cars being driven more aggressively than normal? Apparently the owners of personalised plates are obnoxious in how they manouveur their vehicles too. I don’t generally go in for cod psychology but some correlations have the ring of truth:

    A study has shown that motorists who customise their vehicles are marking their territory and warning of a readiness to defend it against incursions into “their” road space.

  2. Not particularly. Round here, the owners of these cars are either (a) middle-aged and drive very submissively and nervously, or (b) extremely proud of and protective of their vehicles, so drive them rather ordinarily and carefully. One or two seem to be owned by self-regarding young women, like X 5USY for example.

  3. I saw MI55 SXY today. Perhaps she would be an interesting person to meet.

  4. Personalize plates may reflect your personality. So cool to have this one in your car.

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