Bad teachers, or just bad curricula?

David Davis

“Bad teachers should be sacked within weeks”, it says in the Daily Mail which didn’t print my comment, probably because I broke “Godwin’s Law” and used the N-word. But I said it on Facebook anyway:-

The main problem is not “bad teachers”. Bad teachers are “a” problem, but not “the” problem. “The” problem is bad, mendacious, self-important, twaddle-laden, Nazi “syllabuses”, set by governments that think they ought to be “delivering” education. This is compounded and entrenched by making today’s teachers all pass a qualifcation in practical Marxism, provided during “teacher training”, otherwise they can’t become “accredited”, whatever that means….

One response to “Bad teachers, or just bad curricula?

  1. In teacher training I was told by my Professor that it was my duty to promote ‘progressive left wing ideas in the classroom’. In order to pass I had to demonstrate that I ‘showed awareness of social, racial and political issues to do with equality’ as well as ‘promoting diversity’.

    All of us were quizzed how we voted and what our political opinions were before we we signed off as trained.

    I was never actually taught how to teach a lesson but I was taught a great deal about racial, social and gender injustice.

    It all made me much more reactionary and brought me to the realisation that the Leftists can not simply be defeated with nice debates but must be physically confronted and destroyed, they are insidious and dangerous.