I should post less often

David Davis

Interesting it is, how, when one of mine hits the top here, the LA site-stats go down to less than 40 views an hour. (That is //total views//, not “unique” ones not previously logged.) Otherwise, they chug merrily along at 80-120 views an hour, and sometimes many more than that, specially when the Director has put something up! I will henceforth write less often, but try to be //better!//

Idea: please tell me in the comments what you might like me to write (or not write) about!

11 responses to “I should post less often

  1. How many angels can dance on a pin head?-discuss

  2. Personalised numberplates

  3. I think you’re imagining a correlation, and thus speculating a spurious causation.

  4. David, as far as a lot of us are concerned you are the LA Blog, and it would be a sad day when you no longer posted. Your British-patriotic style of libertarianism gives an interesting perspective on current and historical issues, and your coining of neologistic compound nouns like “GramscoFabiaNazis” are useful propaganda and have been used enough to feature in the Google toolbar search suggestions.

    As to the number of views, perhaps you could make the titles of your posts a little more concise in order to spark maximum interest, as some of them only hint at what is contained within, and unfortunately too many people judge a blog post by its title.



  5. Don’t worry, Hank! (I was being a little ironic – and perhaps Ian is right that “correlation does not mean causation”…) I’ll be here for a while yet, all being well.

  6. Speaking of personalised number plates. I have indeed spoekn on here about those from time to time. I might put up another list soon!

  7. Glad to hear it, David! Keep up the good work :)

  8. High Speed Trains?


  9. I think the best rule is that we write about whatever takes our fancy, whenever we feel inclined.

  10. I like trains. I might indeed write something about them, and how the State has corrupted what was a force for great good, in moving high-energy-content or perishable goods fast and cheaply, into a soldiers-and-slaves-and-guns-and-workers-transporting-system, fit only for GramscoStaliNazi polities.

  11. I like trains aesthetically, at least to look at. But I strongly suspect that the free market would have rendered them obsolete a very long time ago.