BBC News – PIP breast implants: UK government says ‘no evidence’ to remove implants

by Sean Gabb

“If I had no right to fondle these breast implants when they were put in, why should I be obliged to pay for them to be taken out?” Critically discuss this statement.

PIP breast implants: UK government says ‘no evidence’ to remove implants

BBC News – PIP breast implants: UK government says ‘no evidence’ to remove implants

7 responses to “BBC News – PIP breast implants: UK government says ‘no evidence’ to remove implants

  1. According to the BBC, the silicone used in these things was the kind “intended for use in mattresses”. What? Are we expected now to pay for the cosmetic augmentation of interior furnishings? Is the duvet due for a nip and tuck and my housewife pillowcases up for free gender re-alignment?

    Don’t misunderstand me. I’m not mammophobic; some of my best friends are tits.

  2. I’m not an expert, but I did a bit of research and so far as I can tell, the difference between medical grade and non-medical grade is simply a matter of certification and testing; in the same way rather than an actual difference in material. In the same way that e.g. lamps sold for use in railway carriages have to be certificated and are thus much more expensive than the standard product, although they are physically identical. The use of terms like “industrial” grade and “for filling mattresses” of course makes it sound a lot worse than and fundamentally different in nature to the medical grade.

    It’s like, if it were decided hospitals could only use special “medical grade” drinking water, and then all other water was described as “the type used for washing cars”.

  3. Surely the answer is straightforward. The NHS is there to assist those with a medical problem. It is paid for by all taxpayers-in other words all of us because we all pay tax of some form, whether income tax or indirect tax (e.g. VAT). Even so, the qualification for receiving treatment is not whether one pays tax, but whether one is resident in the UK (this needs to be checked but you get the drift, no doubt). Therefore, provided the implants are “a medical problem” (in respect of which see Ian B’s comment above) the “implanted person” should receive the relevant treatment. To do otherwise is to go down the road of refusing treatment to those with “a self inflicted condition” e.g. smoking.
    Of course, we have already started going down that road with smoking, followed by “alcohol”, “obesity” and more to follow.
    As ever, the difficulty is the way the NHS was set up, as an open ended commitment. The way the State seeks to avoid this is by curtailing the peoples liberty, because our Leaders do not have the guts to tell the truth and say true reform is needed.
    So, yes you are obliged to pay to have them taken out-if they are dangerous. No you can’t fondle them-any more than you are allowed to smoke somebody else’s cigarettes.
    Better still, lets reform the system.

  4. It’s pretty obvious that this is a panic in which decisions will be made on the basis of not being ‘heartless’ rather than actual medical grounds.

    Stand by for barrages of moral blackmail.

  5. Professor Gabb is satisfied with the quality of examination scripts, and all may now bear the suffix BA (Hons) Univ. LA

  6. The main issue here is this is not baout the tax payer or NHS, I sincerely, believe that evryboby has a right to justice, Firstly, the private quacks and surgeons who implanted these enlagements would have been aware the silicon used was of a lower standard than that recomended, no doubt they did this in order to secure even greater profits exploiting vunerable woman with inferiority issues, surely in a just world the justice authorities should make the people who caused the problem make good the probem, no doubt like many quacks these day’s they are large property port folios and plenty of assests in various locations, the reality is these are the people who should be made to pay to put things right, the fact is doctors are not being subjected to any regulation, they must be held to account as everybody else in industry, the serivice they provided here was not up to the standard one would expect or described, many people blame these woman saying it’s their own fault, I can see that, it appears they were ripped off and deceived, that can’t be right can it, surely! Make the people pay who should pay, the people who did the implant work in the first place.

  7. yes, you’re right mick, the good old day’s when woman let you fondle their