The deaths of Richard Everitt and Stephen Lawrence: compare and contrast

Note: I am writing a detailed piece on the convictions in the Lawrence case. There is some rather interesting comments in the Macpherson report about the forensic examination of garments etc see RH

The deaths of Richard Everitt and Stephen Lawrence:
compare and contrast

Robert Henderson

The Death of Richard Everitt (see below) is an article I wrote in 1994. Compare and contrast the elite response to his death and that of Stephen Lawrence.

Richard was knifed to death by an Asian gang approximately 300 yards from my front door. The gang was large, perhaps as many as 15 members. The gang was known as the Drummond Street Posse and had gone out that night specifically looking for a “white boy” to attack because they felt they had been “wronged” by a white boy (

The gang were arrested the same night for a separate incident and blood was found on 19-year-old Badrul Miah. This turned out to be a match for that of Richard. Miah, later boasted that he had “stabbed up some white boy”.

After nine months the police had arrested 11 people in connection with the murder. The 11 dropped to six and after a committal hearing the number fell to 3. Eventually only two came to trial, Badrul Miah and Showkat Akbar. Akbar was found guilty of violent disorder and sentenced to three years, of which he served 18 months. Miah was sentenced to life but let out on licence after 11 years despite the trial judge describing it as an unprovoked racist attack (see Mirror link above).

The parents of Richard suffered beyond the loss of their child: “After the trial Mandy and Norman tried to move on but were the victims of threats and racial abuse. They had to leave the home where they raised their children and move out of London to Essex.” (

Those are the bare facts of the Everitt murder. Compare the elite response to his murder with their response to that of Stephen Lawrence:

1. Only one person was convicted of the murder even though all were guilty of joint enterprise.
2. There has been no media campaign to bring the others to justice.
3. There has been no public inquiry into Richard’s murder.
4. The one person was convicted of Richard’s murder was released after 11 years without any media or political uproar.
5. There has been no concerted media campaign stretching over nearly two decades to bring the others in the gang to justice.
6. Unlike the Lawrence case where the Daily Mail accused the five suspects of murder in 1997 ( , no representative of the national press or broadcasters called any other member of the gang which murdered Richard a murderer.
7. The gang members who attacked Richard were older than those accused of attacking Stephen Lawrence.
8. Unlike the Lawrence murder, British politicians from the word go not only refused to adopt the tone of moral outrage which they routinely do when the death of Stephen Lawrence is discussed, but actively tried to play down the racist aspect. Considerable pressure was put on Richard’s parents at the time to go along with the usual Maoist pc line that they were not racist and so on. The local MP, Frank Dobson, was most notable for his silence.

It is often said these days that the grip political correctness has on British society is much worse than it was. It is true that the absurdities get ever greater as the politically correct compete to be the purest ideologue, but as the Everitt case shows in really important matters such as the administration of justice it was already solidly entrenched two decades ago.

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  1. anationalist

    Its time for all right-thinking folk to unite against this genocidal marxist horror.

  2. Your excellent analysis of the two cases in tandem confirms what we have all known – that the Lawrence case, which suits the political agenda’s narrative, gains favourable publicity. It has propaganda value.

    There is no true justice in this country; just political manipulation – or manipulation of the chattel by the powerful. Justice should be blind but clearly, it is not.

    Representative democracy‘ is the vehicle which transported us to this unhappy place.

  3. It seems to me that Dobson and Norris were convicted on the flimsiest forensic evidence, on which substantial doubt had been cast by the Defence. The Judge instructed the jury not to convict if there was reasonable doubt, but the jury appears to have ignored this instruction. It would be interesting to know more about the jury composition.

  4. You aren’t the only one asking that question.

  5. There is an Agenda to change the Demographic makeup of Britain forever.

    There are many many more events like these, there are no checks on who comes in to Britain, in fact, the more violent and criminally inclined the Better, immigration is not about the economy, the West is being destroyed by design.

    Our Political elitres are using Abortion, Mass Immigration, Gang rape and murder to get rid of us

  6. I do not believe that there is any desire to destroy the West. Something far more scary is being done. The desire is to perfect the West, and then by extension the world. The project- which has been underway in various forms since the the triumph of post-millennialists in the nineteenth century- is to perfect society. Thus society must be forcibly reformed, and purged of sin.

    Under any such dogma, sinners are always the most harshly punished. A few hundred years ago, you would be punished for attacking a man and stealing his purse. For questioning the Trinity, you’d be burnt at the stake. These men are not being punished for the crime of murder, but for the sin of racism. That is why our leaders see no contradiction in treating different murderers differently. They’re not really interested in the murder. They’re interested in the sin it represents.

    The Progressive State is a religious state, in form. It simply happens to be a religion without a (specific) God. They are building that old puritan dream of “the shining city on the hill”.

  7. Neville Lawrence

    Saint Stephen died for our sins. Richard Everitt, never heard of him.

  8. James Acourt Esq

    Did anyone notice the media reporting on television the day before sentencing of the men that they would be “sentenced to life tommorow”. How did they know? I smell a conspiracy folks, not really surprising though, as they were convicted and sentenced by media many years ago.

  9. Dwyane Dibley

    If Stephen Lawrence was white we would never have heard of him like we have never heard of the names of the many white boys killed by blacks and asians.

  10. Might also be worth noting that the sort of people applauding this are the same as those who condemn the hanging of Derek Bentley for shouting “let him have it”.

  11. The Stephen Lawrence murder changed our country for ever. You can be found perfectly innocent of a crime but brought back to trial if “new evidence” is found. People are now scared to talk about immigration or God forbid saying that black people commit crimes and please don’t question or upset a black man. (don’t worry about whites as they do not suffer from racism, no such thing) All this political correctness and Lawrence worship and hysteria can only breed the type of hatred people are trying to stop (I for one don’t like to be told who I am allowed to like or be careful of or treat as if they are some kind of special or divine being.) Yes Britain has changed since the Lawrence murder, but not for the better contrary to the reports by the Saint Stephen sycophants and hysterical media.

  12. T . E Lawrence

    All you folks had better be careful, freedom of speech doesn’t cover Stephenlawrence (the new name for a crime against black people) Thought crime also comes under Stephenlawrence law and is punishable by death.

  13. Who is this Stephen Lawrence I keep hearing about recently?

  14. Black people must get preferential treatment in law over whites as they are superior to whites.

  15. All these people posting under funny names are the same person. I don’t like this.

  16. Martin Brown

    That may or may not be true but many of the points made do have value and I don’t think Sean Gabb is all that funny a name.

  17. I’d just like to point out to readers that I’m not the same person.

  18. When the ultimate backlash comes, as it will in the end, the scale of the calamity will be enormous. The fate, sad as it was, of poor murdered Stephen Lawrence, and the importance of him in the calamitous event’s construction, will be nugatory.

    I can predict, confidently, that there are now, today, many thousands and thousands more quietly angry people out there, than was the case 24 hours ago. Dont, those of you listening from GCHQ (hello there, chaps…!…you all-right today then? Hi, again…) think it’s us: most of us who inhabit this site have been angry since we learned to read, and then sadly discovered that GramscoStaliNazis exist and want to (not as Ian B says) destroy Western civilisation. Yes, Ian, in a sense, they do want to “purify” and “perfect” it, but they have to first sack the existing people and elect a new People. This can only now be done by including an overt, Direct Act of Destruction.

    All this Lawrencemania is designed to do is loosen the mortar a bit more, and make the destruction of classical revolutionary-liberalism easier when the final moment comes. I’m not saying it was right for some fellow or fellows to stab an uninvolved and unrelated and very very conscientiously-studious black student to death in a London street, just as it would not be right either if some drunken and no doubt very very chaste and upright Somali girls tried to kick a useless scumbag babymother white English chav bitch to death either. And the conscioentious student was even using public transport – it was a bus stop, it appears….If one lot get banged up on debatable evidence 18 years after the event and after a second attempted trial, and the other lot get let off with slapped wrists, despite the evidence of camerae and phone recordings, then there obviously must be some good and higher purpose in the decisions of the authorities, of which ordinary individuals cannot and need not be made aware.

    Clearly. some “good and great purpose” is at work here, and we ought not to interfere with it, as our betters know better what is good for us and all other people.

  19. Nor am I.

  20. James Funnyname Brown

    England as a country is finished, it’s run it’s course. Turn the lights off before you leave, English people.

  21. No, James, we’ll leave the lights on – after all, all the “green energy” being generated by then will be so cheap it’ll cost nowt. And if not, then the GranscoStaliNazis can pay for it theirselves. F*** them.

  22. David, my argument is that they’re not trying to destroy Western Civilisation. They see it as a caterpillar that needs turning into a butterfly. Of course, in the process that will destroy virtually everything that people like us consider worthwhile about Western Civilisation, but it’s not quite the same as an explicit desire to destroy it. They’re utopians, millennialist utopians. That’s why they’re so dangerous. I’m not trying to minimise what they’re up to, just trying to understand it more thoroughly.

    I think the problem with saying “you’re trying to destroy civilisation” is that that is not what they believe they are trying to do, so such a criticism simply bounces off them as “cranky”. I’ve never met a Proggie who sat in a corner planning the destruction of the West. What they do is try to achieve the eradication of everything they consider bad within the West. It just so happens that that encapsulates pretty much everything that exists. It’s like trying to create a form of Islam with nothing bad in it. There wouldn’t be much left to call Islam.

  23. Many that I have met, Ian, especially teachers (which is scary), explicitly say, with quite cheerful frankness, that they want to destroy it. They also aver that “The right people will be alright because they know how to live greenly in a cottage, somewhere like Wales or Cornwall, leaving a small footprint on the planet.”

  24. And …. “All this horrid brash consumerism, and the adverts, will be gone!”

  25. Well, if this person keeps posting under obviously false names –

    we shall not be happy. Posters are not required to identify themselves, but we do prefer them to keep to a single false personality.

  26. Mr Sean Gabb you lie about not publishing peoples Email addresses (so people beware about publishing your real email address) and you also publish their ip addresses. Please don’t go after Mr Tony Blair with your stash of illegal guns. I hope Tony isn’t hounded too badly because of this.

  27. It appears that it’s now been decided that the Attorney General must review the sentences and make them harsher-

    I really wouldn’t be surprised if they ended up detained indefinitely at Her Majesty’s pleasure, or whatever they call “throw away the key” these days.

  28. Firstly as an impartial observer, i am not impressed with the way the convicitons took place, a whirlwind of bad publicity surrounded the trial and
    the way the police obtained evidence was dodgy to say the least, what they said, before or after the crime to formulate an opinion on them is not justice,
    much of the trial was under media pressure to convict, firstly in this country
    we do not change the law on the basis of minority protest, we have seen on
    all to many occassions the government giving in to minority protests about
    certain issues and then changing the law due to knee jerk reaction at every
    body elses expense, secondly we must never give in to civil pressure to
    make sentences harsher, that really does make a total monkey out of a
    judges free thinking, which is essential if justice be preserved! Finally many
    people where unhappy with the way the trials were conducted, the authorites
    acting as poodles to undue pressure and media debate.

  29. yes poor Mr Bentley, we should say a pray for him and hang the bent
    peelers instead.

  30. By the way leroy, black people are at the moment being giving preferential
    treatment in many areas, contrary to my own views on how justice should
    be implimented, th balance has started to swing to far the other way.

  31. The references regarding the jury make interesting comment, but in reality the would have been uder the same sort of lawrence propaganda we witnesses up to the trial and surounding it, personally I would outlaw such crusades as those practiced by the Lawernce family and band of associates, i never could understand their involvement of the invovement of dubous M.P.’s they appeared to be operating as a hear say mob, playing puppet to the lawarence brigade, I point to this fact, were any of these people thecnically witnesses to a crime, No…..Did they hold any evidence of a crime No…… the value of these peoples input effectively made a nonsense of a perons righ to a fair trial, my only wish is it would be better for familes like that of Lawrence to let justice take it course by statute methods, rather than taking the reins and turning the justice system into a public circus, I continue to hold the veiw those convicted should be allowed a retrial and full and proper investigation of this case, It’s in the interests of everyboby to establish the real truth and the motivations and drive behind the convictions.

  32. Karl on Naomi Case.

    I see the police have charged someone in the Naomi case, an old school
    pal, of 21, so disclosed by police, Woodentops got wrong again bout her
    doing it herself. Say’s OLD PAL CHARGED OVER ACID BURNS.

  33. i live in london and i find the biggest problem is our goverment saying we only have 11% of immergrants remeber thats on the books what thay sort of make see what thay dont see or add is the blacks indians ect that are born here lets say 18 years ago now these are just as bad becouse there perants are immergrants so their rasied with wereever as their first languge and british there second which gives them an accent and makes them as bad as an immergrant along with the morols beleves and clan or possy they stick with witch will allways be with the immergrants now incude that to your poll mr d camron and u will find the numbers will rocket to around 40% and in some alot of areas say london 80 to 90% 40% of london schools have 60% of non whites.u see the problem is im sad to say is the colure that is what gives them the power and the lingo the way thay talk the way they look at white women the way they rape white women the way the fight with knives to non blacks ie whites the way they steel.that is the worry the babies and all this ever 18 years it doubles but becouse their born here your not on the poll mate so keep lyeing mr goverment hide in your big houses with aol surcrity and body gaurds drive your children to there 40.000 pounds a year education privete schools in a bulletproof glass with 0% blacks yes0% and pretend your one of us while your pretected were negelted and scared to walk the street with our children having to constentley tell them its not ok to mix with these people becouse the tv so pollitcly correct you have to keep reminding them sorry about the spelling and punchuationg i was partly brain damegeed in 2003 at enfield trainstation punched to near death by two of britains finest the non racist non crime doing want to listen and learn becouse we used to live in clay huts and now were so greatful wev got school white girls houses nhs cars child benifit housing benifit and income surport for puff adiction from smokeing to much of the drugs i sell saints of britain the immergrants.thankyou johnbethnal green

  34. Mr Justin P Fox Ph.j

    Yes. you’re right John boy, the government are indeed telling fibs, I lived in London, you are right about the steel, they just love flickers in the East End, I had so many pulled on me I lost count and the attempted street robberies, in the main they are all mouth and trousers, little base ball headed punks, I alway’s remember comming home late on a sunday night, if I had my cameras, I alway’s had home made chest armour under my jacket, in the form of a bag rounf the neck carrying something that steel would not find easy to pass through, mind you they got the landord, pulled flickers on him then gased him with some home made shit, nicked all his money from his pockets, after he went down, cops did not catch them, they probably knew them. Of course you’re right about the benefits, they are getting over three hundred a week, while people who have worked for years and paid condierable amounts of money are forced to live on £35.00, they get rates, rent, and everything else, while we get F-all, this is not going on just in London, but the ward of CH is much better example of how one can find themselves living on a street with the same senario, we are white, we are the shit people now, that’s a fact. John Get out of there, get the F out, it’s no good.

  35. Mr Justin P Fox Ph.J

    Hey, John, you know they have crude intelligence gathering capabilities, they alway’s used to know what time I was comming home and lay
    in wait and try and get my Nikons, they never pulled it off, they are all
    base ball cap and no brain or boolocks. They gave up in the end like a rat not being able to get food.

  36. Mr Justin P Fox Ph.J

    Still one thing is absolutely conculsive they can count to 12. and read the
    number of a bus.

  37. thanks lads or ladies please keep your heads up lets not playball with the goverment lets be right wing and try to get together and make it clear this cant go on for all these who read this if you feel that strongly and dont just want to talk but want to act then please take time to vote ukip its the only way we can try to stop this now the time is now every day is going up and up ukip is a realaity and bnp wont make it ukip has a real good chanc4e becouse but dont just talk getting angry vote vote vote what ever it takes ukip is the only way forward