Sacrifices are necessary

by Richard North

The Financial Times and others have reports of “Europe’s leaders” and their New Year addresses, warning that 2012 “was likely to be tougher than 2011”. Sarkozy says the gravest crisis Europe has faced since the second world war “is not over” and Merkel admits “next year will no doubt be more difficult than 2011”.

Merkel adds: “The path to overcoming this won’t be without setbacks, but at the end of this path, Europe will emerge stronger from the crisis than before”.

The biggest dollop of BS, though, comes from Italy’s Giorgio Napolitano, who tells his audience that, “Sacrifices are necessary to ensure the future of young people, it’s our objective and a commitment we cannot avoid”.

I do love these fully paid-up members of the political classes, collectively responsible for creating the mess of a lifetime then telling us that, in order to clean it up, “sacrifices are necessary” – while they are themselves living in the lap of luxury.

Yet it does seem to me that sacrifices are necessary … the kind more familiar to the Aztecs. But forget the virgins … senior politicians sound a much better idea. There should be no limit to the number of sacrifices made here. One from each of the member states would do for a start.

4 responses to “Sacrifices are necessary

  1. Hi Sean,
    Sounds an excellent idea but can you verify a story breaking in the press which was dismisses as a conspiracy but is now breaking into the mainstream press.A trillions of dollars lawsit against the banksters and the Federal Reserve,P2 freemasonry lodge,and Nato, based on millions of dollar bonds issued in the 1930’s by the Nationalist Government of China in return for their treasures and gold before the invasion by the Japanese.
    There is another lawsuit now for $350 billion in bonds from the 1930’s which has been authenticated by he Fed as real bonds but they are trying to discredit the owner.Perhaps they are visiting an Aztec sacrificial site and don’t know it.We have just had Black History month at school but unfotunately the pupils don’t understand that history is far different from the curriculam taught which is how shall we say, wishy washy.I was related by marriage to Wishy Washy, not his real name, but the Prince of Burma educated it the UK, who fought with the communists to expel the Nationalist Government, and then the Japanese. He became a leading figure in Mao TSe Tung’s regime,and would have witnessed the gold grab by the western powers after the Wall Street Crash,when 7 US battleships removed the Imperial Chinese gold for safekeeping in US vaults.I f only he were alive,what a story he could tell us.

  2. I was robbed of my house and dumped homeless on the streetby the bankster Cartel,which was GMAC,and then transfered to Southern Pacific.These are sub prime divisions of Lehmann Bothers,now Barclays,and Sourhern Pacific.My wife had left me and foolishly I tried to keep the huse going and tried to borrow more.I entrusted my best man who unkowing to me hald a deep seated hatred jealousy of my cycling carrer.He conspired with a dodgy solicitor to rob me of everything I had left my business and house.He worked for a small brokerage Unwin Associates but was deregulated from introducing mortgages.There was not enough equity raised,the mortgage was transfered 3 times in 3 months from a fixed rate to variable with horrendous payments and redemptions.The credit cars were not paid off which was a condition of the mortgage and many loans were outstanding.Unbenown to me there was 10000 pounds missing at exchange of contractsI was ruined and lost 67500 pounds equiry in 12 months.I was repossessed and tossed like garbage into the streets.The Ombudsman declared the morgage was taken out under Mortgage Code of Practise Rules and the Complaints authority for Unwin Associates is now under the Financial Services and one does not transfer over to the other.What a cop out.I would have had a better chance if I had sued the solicitor but I accepted a 10000 pound settlement which I was told was the maximum for Civil Cases by the Law Society.
    I was evicted by bailliffs and tossed homeless into the street.I had gone from living in the conservation in a mansion to a down and out,and suicide seemed the best way out.The scam works by using friends and aquaintences to forge corrupt financial deals mortgages,wills,and insurances and is a con using the customers trust particulary the ederly man in Lincolnshire who he was planning to change his will I believe after my demise,which would involve disinheriting his children.I wonder if this fraud transpired.
    Anyway enough of my sorry plight,and let the Axtecs have them.

  3. I am always amazed at the gall of the political parasites, how they call for sacrifices and pass legislation slashing at the social fabric of society, knowing full well that none of that applies to them. Millionaires preaching austerity to the poor and disadvantaged. They do it openly and without a hint of embarrassment. They openly believe that they have the right to live off the backs of the ordinary people and at the same time expect the ordinary people to give them more. And somehow they also expect us to be subservient and show gratitude for our deprivation. When does the public wake up and remove this burden from their backs.