The Libertarian Alliance Christmas Message 2011

David Davis

It’s that time again, after about five minutes, these days. Each year I try as sort of self-appointed Blogmaster to say some apposite and calming or perhaps narcolepsy-inducing things, to you all, about the state of the world: and in particular Britain, which is where most of us that scribble on here live.

It’d be really nice, and such a gas, to report things like “Landslide victory as Revolutionary-Liberalist party sweeps to power in Scotland…three million public-sector-workers to be made redundant this morning” (cue: Daily Mail photo of endless lines of labelled binliners on street outside office block in Glasgow or somewhere), or even “Cameron declares UDI from the EU: five million UK-council-liaison-officers and staffs to receive P45s by tomorrow, by text”. (cue: more photos of rows of binliners.)

But unfortunately I can’t.

Ought we to derive cheer from the way Cameron diffidently said “no (“er well, not today then, in front of the jounralists”…) to the EU fellas the other week? Let’s not be hasty: we don’t know what’s been cooked up round the back while we weren’t looking, and they thing they’re coming for another £25 billion in the meantime (more than the “cuts” actually.) But at least the underlying, increasingly fractious opposition to our continued EU membership has been somewhat emboldened. With a little luck it may boil over before it’s too late.

And we can rejoice in the death of the late Kim Jong-Il’s last useful body-double: so the wicked, smirking, fawning buggers in too-large-peaked-caps, always accompanied by some terrified little woman with a pen and notepad. They’ll have to get some other short fat unsmiling bloke to be worshipped.

And at least Barack Obama is becoming more unpopular by the day, as a previously fairly sound USA begins to unravel around him. Not that we should be glad about that either. The destiny of the USA is so important, and the identity of its President so crucial, that I have often argued for known classical-liberally-inclined UK voters to be given a share of the US’s electing-franchise. Another thing on the wish-list that’s not going to come about this coming year.

Well. It’s time for the Queen in a minute. Sorry that this year’s Christmas “state of the Union” is a bit rushed and rather devoid of Olympian viewpoints on global libertarianism. I’ll try to do better next year.

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