Kindle and Eye Strain

by Sean Gabb

Pretty to look at. A bitch to use with pdf files. I have horrid eye strain. Any advice before Mrs Gabb sends it back?

11 responses to “Kindle and Eye Strain

  1. Forget about PDFs. Use it to read anything in html instead, including the whole of oll and a lot of mises, and try a larger font size. Its helped me get through a lot of wealth of nations.

  2. If it’s the 6″ version, then consider the ‘DX’ model (10″) on such large and clear screen, even enlarging the text leaves a good chunk on every page

  3. Sean,

    I am currently reading the Churchill Memorandum on the Kindle app on my iPhone. That’s real eye strain…

  4. Goodness me. So much so that I can’t even spell my own name!

  5. David,

    I salute your persistence. I’m far too modest, however, to tell you it will be worth it. Did I not send you a hard copy?

    Also, my eyes haven’t hurt like this since back in 1991, when Chris Tame lent me an early notebook computer that had no backlighting on the screen….

  6. Change the font size is my advice. My kindle is great. :)

  7. I saw one in Curry’s today when we went for a poss new laptop for the young man. The Kindle thing…it’s awfully small….doesn’t anyone make anything bigger?

  8. It doesn’t handle PDF’s too well. There are free programs around that will convert files to MOBI format and then it’ll let you change the font size.

    I’ve been trying to put a book of cartoons on it, but I don’t think it can be done. They would have to have been designed and drawn specifically for the screen size, and these are old pen-and-ink-and-scan ones.

    For what it’s designed to do – which is handle books formatted for it – it’s very good. It is, however, limited.

  9. Send it back and buy a Chinese-made generic reader for less than half the cost. I use a Hanlin V3 running the OpenInkPot freeware suite. Don’t buy DRM-limited ebooks. Search for free ebooks online. Screw Amazon.

  10. If you can find epub versions of the PDF documents, get them and convert to MOBI. There are a number of free conversion programs.

  11. Electronic books – a complete scam. I’ll keep my paper copies so I can read them by candlelight when the rolling power cuts start due to windmills and overpopulation.