Solving the British State “qualifications” problem

David Davis

I mused quietly on Facebook an hour or so ago, and thought I’d share it with all you people. It was stimulated by this.

MY PROPOSALS for “reforming the examination system”…
(1) Each University to set its own papers for “O”-levels and “A”-levels (you read it here first….) The scumbag ones will degrade theirs to get people in, and subsequent employment-failure will get them closed down…
(2) Subjects: Maths, Sciences (all three) Dead White Male English lit and writing, English history + others, Proper Geography (not One-world-MarxoNazism), Classical Greek and/or Latin + Roman history. Anything to do with “adverts” and “media” to be taught by proper ad-professionals and proper journos, not “teachers”. Then we erase the anti-commerce-bias in schools.
(3) Pupils to have completed functionally the entire A-level course in Maths and Science as it now stands, by age 13 (it could be done in the 1940s/50s, and children are no more stupid now than they were then…)
(4) All pupils 13+ to be thrown out of school, absolutely, for 2 years. Get a job, break rocks, learn to be a brickie, stack shelves, start a business, shadow a banker or scientist, cut women’s hair, etc. Bugger off…don’t want you back till you’re 15.
(5) Those few who return, will do 4-6 courses of 2-years+ with exams at the end. As the borders of science increase and expand, the science papers will get longer and more exciting, not shorter and more devoid of content.
(6) Science syllabuses to include (from age 7/8/9 onwards:- trips to blast furnaces, steel-foundries, production-lines, aluminium-smelters, proper chem labs, nuclear power stations, large mechanised farms feeding stadium-sized blast-freezers with peas and sprouts, chip-fabs, car-makers, goods-distribution-hubs, air traffic-control centres and the like. Photos to be taken, and write-ups to be done by all students, o count towards their O-levels.

5 responses to “Solving the British State “qualifications” problem

  1. Thought crime…. child abuse…. cough, splutter…. desire to stuff little children back up chimneys….. etc, etc,… (Comment © NuTory Govt)

  2. I agree with most of that, but I have doubts about (6).

    * “Blast furnaces, steel-foundries” – there aren’t too many of those left in Britain
    * “Nuclear power stations” – yes, well we’d better hurry up and build some, or we’ll not be able to have these interesting discussions, as there will be no power for our “electric-computers”
    * “Chip-fabs” – I could be wrong, but I’m not sure there have ever been any in Britain – they’re all in the far east these days

    There is also the issue of “elf ‘n safety” – very few “teachers” these days would be prepared to take their charges to such “dangerous” industrial sites, for fear of beaing sued if one of the little darlings trips on a blade of grass!

  3. I forgot to add glass-works. There’s one just down south of here in St Helen’s. I think it’s even still in being. As to foundries and chip fabs, the little buggers can go on the plane.

  4. It’s sad, isn’t it. Most of this high-tech wizardry is designed in the west (UK and USA, mainly) or Japan, but it’s virtually all made in the far east as wages are so much lower.

  5. Carroll Quigley argued that civilizations advance by the creation of institutions to fulfill specific functions, economic, military, religious, educational, medical etc., but that these institutions come in time to serve, not society, but the bureaucracies that run them. At that point, civilization cannot advance or even be maintained unless corrupt institutions are (a) reformed or (b) circumvented. Because reform is usually impossible, b is usually the only realistic option.

    Clearly Western educational institutions are now very largely corrupt with school teachers committed to teaching global warming, black embitterment, anti-white racism and how to put on a condom, while at university, tenured professors slough their teaching responsibilities onto temporary lecturers, i.e., mugs of often questionable competence paid minimum wage to do someone else’s job.

    What to do? Quigley’s Option b, seems the only possibility and it could be achieved quite simply by dividing the teaching and credentialing role of schools and universities. In other words, students could learn any way they wanted — from books, private tutors, internet courses, etc., without the expense of enrolling in a school or university and without the necessity of exposure to bad teaching and enforced political correctness training. Then, when they considered themselves prepared, they’d challenge a public exam administered by a competent independent examination board.

    More at: The end of education as we know it.