New Book: Welcome to Free America

It is the year 2057, and government in the former United States of America has collapsed. Private businesses have taken over streets, security, schools, the legal system, and defense. After a period of turmoil, a new society has emerged.

“Welcome to Free America” describes life in America 26 years after the collapse of its government. The book is written as a guide for new immigrants who are pouring into America as its free economy booms. “Free America” is not a paradise, but it is prosperous and free, and it manages to function in the complete absence of government. Readers may differ over whether the society described is a utopia or a dystopia.

The author, David Barker, is a former economist for the Federal Reserve with a Ph.D. in economics from the University of Chicago. He taught Real Estate, Urban Economics, Industrial Organization, and Corporate Finance for fourteen years at the University of Chicago and the University of Iowa, and has published several academic papers in peer-reviewed journals. Together with his wife and brother, he runs a $100 million real estate and financial services business. He lives in Iowa with his wife and two children.

“This book deserves to become a popular ‘modern classic’ of political argument. It is an excellent introduction to libertarianism, cleverly and entertainingly cast in the form of a guide to a free America fifty years hence. It is educative, witty, and brimming with new ideas. Professor Barker has clearly thought it all through and not avoided any of the more difficult or controversial issues. The picture painted is not a Utopian ideal by any means. But it is vastly more attractive than the U.S. at present. Barker reclaims the young America’s promise of liberty and repudiates the political interference that has chained and plundered the American people while practicing destructive and costly interventions around the world. Barker’s reborn America is one of which its inhabitants could rightly be proud of the “American way.””

J C Lester (libertarian philosopher and the author of Escape from Leviathan)

“The movie “Atlas Shrugged” tells of what will happen if we do not change our societal ways, which are veering us ever closer to socialism and fascism. The book ” Free America” (there is no movie, yet, but there should be one) tells the tale of what happens when we DO change our institutions in the direction of freedom, liberty, capitalism and private property. The author paints a vivid picture of what liberty means where the rubber hits the road. This is an EXCELLENT read. Buy a copy, and exult in how well the marketplace can provide ALL goods and services. Buy a few copies for your friends.”

Dr. Walter Block, Harold E. Wirth Eminent Scholar Chair in Economics and Professor of Economics, Loyola University New Orleans, author of Defending the Undefendable and The Case for Discrimination.

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  1. Daniel Hoffman

    Legalized slavery, discrimination, loss of leadership in science and education I think I am better off now. When some leaders states get their acts together and function like what this guy says maybe I will believe this is a better way. So, when Somalia becomes a functional society then maybe he has a point.