The Tram Video

by Sean Gabb

Being myself a black transgendered lesbian, I have suffered more than my share of hate-filled bigotry. However, while I was physically sick three times before watching the attached video, and am now undergoing five years of counselling for the vileness that it contained, I do suggest that the young woman should not be sent to prison for her comments, nor have her child taken into care.

Instead, I note that The Daily Telegraph has asked its readers to call in with the woman’s name – presumably so it can then be given to the police. I advise people to call the paper’s Advertising Manager on 0207 931 3064, and say that you will never buy another copy of a newspaper that helps enable the punishment of political crimes. The value of telling this to the advertising people is that they really get upset when told about falling circulation.



11 responses to “The Tram Video

  1. She probably means well.

  2. Welcome to the panopticon. Whatever you do, whatever you say, somebody will have a camera.

    Watching this, I was reminded of the 80s, when I frequently used to get (London) nightbuses home from the West End. One particular night, two black young men and a mountainous irish woman- all drunk, live everyone else on the bus- were arguing furiously over who would sit on the back seat (this is the top deck of the bus). Trouble was frequent on those buses and I, like I think everyone else, was praying it wouldn’t get to the stage of the police being called and holding up the bus.

    So, presently, a politically correct young middle class white girl decides to join in, and started lecturing the two young black men about how they were letting down their race. Shortly, one of them reasonably opined that she didn’t know what the fuck she was talking about, at which point she rejoindered with a loud, clear “what do you know about being black?!”

    After a moment of stunned silence, everyone on the bus- white, black and mountainous Irish- were united in our laughter at little Miss Pompous; after the gale of hilarity had subsided, the blacks and the Irish made their peace. It really was quite funny. Until you remember that people like that posh little madam with her greater knowledge of Being Black than black people themselves have, are now running the country.

    Carthago delenda, and all that.

  3. People are very upset at the moment. I can feel the lady’s frustration, but I also feel Sean’s frustration. Though I whole heartedly believe in multi culturalism, I also believe that it has to be managed v.carefully, v.slowly.

    Unfortunately, I believe we have a government that does not have the time nor the patience to integrate this very complicated procedure properly. There is a short fall in the middle aged workforce and a black whole in the pension pot. Somebody has to fill this gap. So the borders are open.

    I also believe that inter-racial tension benefits the government, enabling them to create more legislation to ease tensions that they themselves have induced.

    This video makes me feel sad. As I say, I can see both sides.

  4. @Mal, no one has to regulate it. That the government is regulating it is exactly the problem. The government with its regulations is currently kicking out all types of entrepreneurs and attracting thugs with its social security checks. A former house mate of mine from Japan had to leave the country within two weeks and is not allowed to re-enter the UK in 10 years, because he committed the horrible crime of working 21 instead of only 20 hours in a week in a restaurant on a student visa. If you are an entrepreneur and you want to come to the UK to open a business, it is almost impossible to get a visa, unless you are so successful that you initially make a huge amount of money.

    That is no coincident. Governments cannot organise anything. They are bureaucratic monsters. And don’t make the mistake to try to reform the last mess of a government program with a new government program. That has never worked and it won’t work with immigration. The only solution, as always is to get the government out of it.

  5. Stephen Moriarty

    Well, it’s all here: the ever-present surveillance that someone has already mentioned; the Englishwoman, foul-mouthed, inarticulate, ignorant and possibly drunk; the tram-full of tired and poor people of every description; the belief (not wholly unjustified) that the English are workshy; the death-rattle of an ideology held by the whole establishment within living memory; the taboo, but sincere and widespread, grief for the end of the English as a nation, if such a thing ever existed; the vitriolic, hypocritically hate-filled and threatening, responses on “social media”; the hypocrisy of the press; the inversion by which this pathetic figure is portrayed as some kind of danger to society; the vindictive demands for the removal of her child.

  6. She is merely voicing what millions of us feel.
    This is the product of decades of enforced immigration rather than natural immigration. This is the irreversible product of decades of madness at the hands of middle class social engineers who don’t need to live the dream they envision for us plebs.
    There are very dark clouds on the horizon and I only hope this video makes people sit up and take note.

  7. @ Nico. I don’t believe I mentioned the word regulate. I agree with you. We should have no need for governance. Let men and women ‘manage’ their own affairs. Including integration.

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