Climate Change: Can We Have Our Money Back?

by Josep C. Verges

“Climate Science Is Settled”

The “science” of climate warming: The UN bandwagon to control the world lost its wheels in Copenhagen. Now renamed extreme weather as there has been no global warming since the last century. Below: UN hockey stick catastrophe: Mann’s tree ring reconstruction eliminated Medieval warming and the subsequent mini ice age while adding real temperatures to increase modern warming. In fact even random numbers makes his model produce a hockey stick graph.

The second release of Climategate emails coinciding with the UN climate warmer party in Durban, South Africa, show how little science there is in the science of man-made global warming as climate “scientists” reveal in their own words (See The Durban Climate Tapes):

Peter Thorne (NOAA): “A decision has been made that the methods are “right” or at least “almost right” and this is what we will put forward as gospel truth almost. I don’t think this simple message is actually remotely supported by the science. We should not be scared of admitting we just don’t know.”

Phil Jones (CRU East Anglia): “The basic problem is that all models are wrong -not enough middle and lower level clouds. I’ve been told that the UN’s IPCC is above national Freedom of Information Acts. One way to cover yourself and all those working (for the UN on climate warming) would be to delete all emails at the end of the process.”

Ray Bradley (Climate System Research Center): “I thought I’d play around with some randomly generated time series and see if I could “reconstruct” temperatures. The reconstruction clearly shows a “hockey-stick” trend. I’m sure you will agree the Mann/Jones paper was truly pathetic and should never have been published. I don’t want to be associated with that “reconstruction.”

Malcolm Hughes (Lab for Tree Ring Research): “All of our attempts so far to estimate hemisphere-scale temperatures for the period around 1000 years ago are based on far fewer data than any of us would like. None of the data sets used so far has anything like the geographical distribution we need and no one has yet found a convincing way of validating.”

Ed Cook (The Earth Institute): “Mike Mann, Ray Bradley and Malcolm Hughes are living in glass houses. One needs to be very careful about criticism about the analyses of others because turn-around is fair play and payback is a bitch.”

Olive Heffernan (Nature): “I don’t see why I should help people I don’t want to work with and who spend most of the time criticising me.”

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One response to “Climate Change: Can We Have Our Money Back?

  1. Lies, lies, lies, lies, lies.

    Global warming is a religion, not science. It is a wierd mixture of faith and self interest. It gives pathetic nobodies something to believe in while giving campaigners, politicians and their hangers on something to expand their importance and boost their careers.

    It is remarkable seeing how long self interested, self delusion can maintain itself in the face of total refutation by the facts.