Francis Galton Has Risen from the Grave

by the Rev. Philip Foster

It looks as if a subtle campaign to rehabilitate Francis Galton is under way. Founder of Eugenics, he watered and nurtured this deadly plant which led to the Holocaust, on the way leading to the appalling treatment of ‘imbeciles’, not just in Germany, but in the UK and elsewhere until the last few decades.

If any of you saw Ch4 ‘The Queen’s cousins’ that will give you some idea of what I mean. A follower of Darwinism, his ideas were baseless nonsense, but much of today’s green ideology draws from this poisoned well.

The BBC Today programme had a sympathetic piece on him where claims were made that he more or less founded the concept of the welfare state, while treating the actual consequences of his work as a minor aberration.

One response to “Francis Galton Has Risen from the Grave

  1. Don’t know about Galton but do know that Professor Arthur Jensen was prevented by academic hooligans from addressing the Francis Galton Society a few years ago.Those who seek to suppress scientific inquiry are the modernday equivalents of the Catholic bigots who hounded Galileo.