A Doctor Writes

by W.C. Douglass MD

I’ve barely wrapped my head around it yet…but the discovery revealed in this exclusive video is so monumental I had to let you know about it right away. Researchers may have finally found a way to take control of the ageing process once and for all.

I know, I know…You’ve heard that before. But this breakthrough is light years beyond all of those other anti-ageing lotions and potions promising the Fountain of Youth in a 1-oz jar.

In fact, this stunning advancement doesn’t just help you look younger…it also helps you feel younger and more vibrant than people half your age.

You see, researchers have discovered a dynamic nutrient duo that could accomplish what no other anti-ageing formula has ever been able to do. Preliminary research shows that this power pair may literally REWIND TIME INSIDE YOUR CELLS!

It’s been an elusive secret — until now. But thanks to one of the world’s foremost experts in the field of anti-ageing science, news of this breakthrough is finally surfacing. And you’re among the very first to hear about it.

Click here now to watch this special video presentation on how you can access it, as part of a revolutionary new formula that can rejuvenate every system and every cell inside your body — in as little as 30 days.

To stopping ageing in its tracks,

Becky Jansen
Director of Research & Development,
NorthStar Nutritionals

P.S. When word gets out that this breakthrough can do what NONE of the other so-called anti-aging “miracles” have ever been able to, it WILL go fast. And with quantities being limited, chances are, supplies may run out at any moment. So don’t wait! Watch this special video presentation now, and find out how you can secure access to this time-rewinding discovery today.

3 responses to “A Doctor Writes

  1. This sort of rubbish is a great way to damage the credibility of Libertarians.

  2. An entertaining piss-take Sean. Wheeze of the week.

    It would have been funnier to have linked not to the tired infomercial, but directly to the wonderful old “Keep young and beautiful” clip. Which might have indicated, even to the humourless Mr Ingoldby, that the item is a wind-up.

  3. The bombing begins in five minutes.