Morning Star Possibly to Close

This is terrible news, bearing in mind the Morning Star’s honourable tradition of giving good reviews to the novels of Richard Blake. SIG

Matt Coward writes:

The world’s only English-language, daily, socialist newspaper –

Britain’s only left-wing daily –

Britain’s only co-operatively-owned daily –

is in immediate danger of closure.

Please read the appeal, respond if you’re able, and spread the word, for a free press and a pluralist democracy:

One response to “Morning Star Possibly to Close

  1. I’m surprised it has kept going so long since its payments from the Soviet Union ended.

    Fuck them.

    Those hard left socialist vermin are engaged in a bitter war against liberty. Let them go to the wall and celebrate. No doubt having a communist newspaper and a nazi newspaper pumping out propaganda who be an addition to ‘pluralism’ but that does not make it thing to be desired.