Confirming our opinion of the BBC

by Richard North

Under strict orders to take things “easy”, so desperate have I become that I was even driven to watching the entire edition of the 6 o’clock BBC television news on Tuesday evening – an experience worth doing occasionally, just to check on how bad the hand-wavers have become.

Strangely, though, throughout this main evening bulletin, there was no mention of this, an emerging scandal reported by The Independent in which BBC World News has been found guilty of concealed or “inappropriate” sponsorship, and displaying editorial bias in the making of “heavyweight documentaries on controversial environmental issues”.

Inappropriate sponsors included UNESCO, UNEP, UNDP and UNFAO, all United Nation advocacy bodies, once again confirming the BBC’s role as shill for tranzie interests, for which there is evidence that it is now handsomely paid.

BBC Trust has said that it is “deeply concerned”, and director general Mark Thompson has ordered his organisation to tighten its systems for commissioning current affairs programmes. The broadcasting regulator Ofcom has announced that it is launching an investigation.

Nothing is likely to come of all this, of course. No jobs will be lost as a result, and no improvements will be made to the lamentable standards of editorial control exercised by the BBC, but at least we can draw some comfort from the events, in confirming our already low opinion of an institution which is long past its sell-by date.

2 responses to “Confirming our opinion of the BBC

  1. “I was even driven to watching the entire edition of the 6 o’clock BBC television news”.

    I used to suffer from hypertension – but ensuring that I NEVER watch or listen to any of the BBC’s current affairs programming seems to have cured me completely!

  2. The question we have to address is not whether or why the BBC is biased against liberalism. This is widely known and indeed cheerfully admitted, often and everywhere, by its controllers and employees.

    Plans have to be evolved, put in place, and adhered to when the time will come, for its instant dismantling, abolition and lockdown. Humankind cannot afford to go through yet another terrible tragic cycle of socialism, megawar and its associated megadeaths, following the last one in the last century, and the one we are now in, the next time yet again complicated by the depredations and falsehoods of the global-warming-Nazis if these are to be allowed to stand in view of others, without being deleted.

    The enemy doesn’t play by our rules. Ours dictate that you have to let him get up and regrag his weapon, if you knock him over. The situation this has brought about is now so dire that it is silly and immature.

    Libertarians will, in time, find that they have to either shit or get off the pot. The election of the Camorrhoids has given liberalism a little time more than it’d have had if the Brown Terror had not fallen when and as it did. Indeed, it is better that the hands of the “coalition” are so tied by the fact of coalition, since it cannot pass all the new legislation it would have desired. But this scenario will not persist much longer.

    One harmless thing we can all do is support the English Revolutionary-Liberalist Party. Repeated references to this in the MSM, Facebook, Twitter (whatever that is) and to its policies, in particular towards the fate and continuing existence of the BBC and toeards Global-Warm-Mongering-Nazis and their plans, will begin to have an effect in a few months, I’d say. Anything containing “English” in its title is already a candidate for public execration and official proscription. Furthermore, the use of the word “Revolutionary” will at once paralyse the Nazi left into indecision (you should not steal other people’s words without weighing up the later consequences) and worry the Officially-oppressive “security” services.

    “Liberalist” will confise every enemy, utterly – for a little time, like “Window” in 1943. But not for much longer after we start, so we shall have to be fast. They’ll quickly find that we are just liberals, and go back to their old ways.

    They also think they own the suffix “ist”. They do not. If they are not careful, and do not beign to comply with the Newly Agreed Terms Of Enhancement Of Public Discourse, For The People And Their Political Arm”, then I might bring conservativists into being too.

    The BBC continues to think it can behave as it does, because everyone is too busy to do anything except go to bed, knackered, unable even to shag one’s wife, easy though that should be, after its current affairs progs. The war has to begin to be carried to it.