Israel and the international Nazi left

David Davis

I don’t often try to talk about Israel, or Jews for that matter, although times are steadily getting more exciting for these people. This is because memory of the Holocaust now is beginning to fade. It is fading from those still living, from even those born like me a little time after it happened, and will pass soon into the realm of faded grainy phtographs, hearsay, legend and generations gone, like WW1 has just fully done.

It seems the “Palestinians”, whoever they might be this week, have released an Israeli sergeant whom they nobbled a few years ago. There has been some argy-bargy inside Israel I gather, under which his family (I would not have wanted to be them, even in exchange for the world) successfully persuaded the Israeli government to proceed with what looks like an apocalyptic course of action, in releasing over 1,000 “Palestinian” prisoners in exchange for him.

One might be forgiven for drawing comfort from this, in that it says clearly that one Israeli citizen is worth over 1,000 of that country’s enemies, and I do hope their government tries manfully to capitalise on this rather obvious and axiomatic point.

But I’m afraid that the opposite tactical view will prevail as the inventors of “Palestine” – Western socialists and other Nazis to a man – own what Sean Gabb has dubbed “the agreed terms of public discourse”. It will then be agreed to be “correct and balanced” to say or to imply the following:

“Israel thinks it is in such a weak position strategically that it has to offer 1,000 “falsely-detained-freedom-fighters in exchange…” [for a crumb.]

Never mind that to a first approximation, 100% of them will be ne’er-do-well villains. The GramscoStaliNazi left-Media of the West can be relied on to flag this and trumpet it fully of course. Just watch.

I do not see good results coming out of this at all, although I expect the poor fellow’s family are relieved. Oh well, more work for poor tired vilifed Mossad, I suppose, in having to round up 1,000 used villains, and promoters of “The Children Bomb”……..all over again.

3 responses to “Israel and the international Nazi left

  1. I was also troubled by the 1000 to one swap. To me it looks like weakness in the extreme, a far cry from Masada. I thought they would simply let him die and all they have now is encouraged the chances of further kidnappings of their military. And the entire mess in the Middle East (My 18th Century Bibles have maps of Palestine in them) is all the fault of one man; Abraham.

  2. There is something magnificent about this swap. It is impossible not to be moved by the value Israel places on one of their soldiers, who doubts for an instant that no other Western country values a mere soldier in this way..While the Palestinians may indulge in huge celebrations at the return of such a large batch of terrorists, criminals and mass murderers in exchange for one guiltless soldier, all civilisation witnesses for itself the true values of each side. Will the BBC notice the difference?

  3. A point I was trying to make, and which seems to have been missed so far, is the elephant in the room: the sheer brazen imaginary-ness, and lask of real existence, of something that our enemies persist in calling “The Palesinian Nation” – as f it really did exist.