Robert Henderson on Liam Fox

Letter circulated widely amongst
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There is an unresolved question about Liam Fox and Adam Werritty: have criminal offences been committed?

Werritty has gone about issuing business cards which represent him as an adviser to Liam Fox. Those who had dealings with him have put on record that they believed he was Liam Fox’s special adviser because of the way he represented himself.

If such false representations have resulted in Werritty gaining money or benefits in kind that would constitute the offence of obtaining property by deception contrary to section 15 of the Theft Act 1968 (False Pretences in old money).

If Fox has known this was happening and permitted it, then he would be guilty of the criminal offences of either being an accessory or engaged in a conspiracy to obtain property by deception.

Even if no material benefit has been gained Fox and Werritty could well be guilty of breaching the Official Secrets Act by divulging information covered by the Act to those not entitled to receive it. Indeed, if Fox has supplied such information to Werrity (who has no official standing) he could be guilty.

Yours sincerely,

Robert Henderson

3 responses to “Robert Henderson on Liam Fox

  1. I must admit I have not much followed this. My own life has been in some turmoil and I haven’t really been following the news. But in general this seems to me to look like one of those minor types of corruption- like fiddling expenses- about which everybody makes a very great hullabaloo so that (a) it proves what a jolly honest society we are and (b) nobody gets around to asking the bigger questions, like whether the government is intrinsically corrrupt by “partnering” with divers lobbies- NGOs, pressure groups, business, home owners, incorrigible old bags from the Shires, that kind of thing.

    It is government as soap opera, and by treating government that way, we trivilaise our interactions with it and are thus easily ruled. I daresay Mr Fox will soon be announcing, as is de rigeur for Tories of a certain age, that he is leaving his wife to explore his sexuality.

  2. Yes, but since we can’t ever get these creeps for the big crimes, we might as well go after them for the petty derelictions. I well recall how David Blunkett shoudl have been dragged screaming to be broken on the wheel for treason. Instead we got him for getting his bit of fluff a railway ticket at our expense.

  3. Two things worry me about this type of issue.1) we have to rely on the fickleness of the media to hold our representatives to account.
    2) How much of these ‘jobs for the boys’ shinnanagens are going on within the E.U. that we will never get to hear about due in some part, to the portrayal of it as something happening ‘out there’, and so not directly connected to us in the same way that the Fox episode, and the expenses scandal are.