Slashing the State

David Davis

It says over at The Devil the main reasons why State bureaucrats’ budgets rise all the time, regardless of what, if any, “services” they may be providing. The obvious conclusion is that the sorts of people that go into running States, as a career-choice, ought to be changed.

One response to “Slashing the State

  1. From the PM, through the Lords, Commons,MEPs, MSPs,MWAs, quangos, councils and councillors, police chiefs, educational establishment, and NHS hierarchy, regulatory bodies and every kind of public sector group and sub-group, all decide their own pay and expenses, have bonuses (for what?) attend totally unnecessary meetings in exotic places in expensive hotels flying first class and eating expensive meals. They have cars provided by the tax-payer, and often, as is the case with the Lords and commons, have exclusive bars and restaurants provided and subsidised by the tax-payer.
    This nationwide parasitism is the true cause of our national insolvency, not the paltry benefits provided to the poor and useless. The national waste in useless wars and useless equipment is breathtaking.
    The government meanwhile tries to kid us that it is cutting down the spending, do they think we are mad? or merely stupid.
    So yes, those in the public sector, especially the permanent political ruling class are bleeding us to death.