The Art of Suppression: new book

David Davis

I chanced just now upon this and it’s too good not to flag. The indefatigable Ian B, who comments often here, would I know appreciate the thesis behind this book and has also his own theories about how and why this modern death-cult of prohibition/suppression of individuals’ desires and physical/psychological needs came about.

4 responses to “The Art of Suppression: new book

  1. David, I am really rather hurt that you would describe the facts I talk about as mere “theories”. I am aware that you are all “deniers” of the truth too terrible to know, and thus prefer to take refuge in “rationality”, but it is a FACT that Dr Sean Gabb is really a twelve foot telepathic alien lizard in a cunning latex rubber disguise, it is a FACT that Kevin Carson is the identity assumed by Elvis when he “died”, it is a FACT that Big Tobacco, Big Oil and Big Cheese are the three secret prongs of the Illuminati trident of power, and it is a FACT that the Euro is a viable currency.

    Please amend your records accordingly.

    Sincerely, &c.

  2. Ooh, I fucked that up. Any chance that David or somebody else at the LA Blog could fix that above comment so that it’s got “Ian B” instead of my email address up there in full public view? I just had to reinstall everything, lost all my cookies, and so had to type my details in again and appear to have got them the in the wrong boxes. That’ll teach me to try to be a smart arse, won’t it?

  3. Done. Being telepathic, I felt your pain immediately. Angry that you revealed my true identity, I let you suffer all night.

    If this happens again, best to e-mail David or me direct.

  4. You’re a gentleman, Sean. A reptoid gentleman of course, but a gentleman nonetheless.