Pickle a Leftie?

Anger Management…..Or Preserve Wildlife- Pickle A Politically Correct Twit

Guy Leven-Torres

27th September 2011

No doubt none of you will have heard the term ‘Deconstructionism’? It is a pseudo post-Marxist idea that literally strips back society by altering its structure by the use of alternative words, or speech and applying new ones, leading in time to a new society altogether, or even destroying it replaced by a Socialist one. It acts like all Socialist viruses by infiltrating the host body and changing the DNA with replicants of itself. A serious piece of structural social ‘DNA’ replacement took place over the weekend, with hardly a murmur of protest, from the feckless bovine herd that now passes for the British public.

The BBC decided to end the use of ‘BC’ and ‘AD’ used by archaeologist like me to denote a date, to be replaced by politically correct’ ‘CE’ or Common Era so as not to offend Moslems. Actually many Moslems I know happily use ‘BC’ and ‘AD’ without complaint, often preferring it to their own dating. I regularly down-marked students who insisted upon using ‘CE’ instead of the traditional and many universities did likewise, until a few years ago. I suspect like much else this comes from the EU…….

Yet these seemingly pathetic ‘silly’ acts, dismissed as ‘political correctness gone mad’ will if left to embed themselves, seal the fate of our fast collapsing civilisation and culture. ‘PC’ by the way never goes mad- it already is- a sociopathological disease in fact, in that it reproduces amorality across the social strata in a mass mental illness. In this hypotheses I am absolutely serious; indeed it is more than an hypothesis but I think a proven fact as I explain in my new critique of Socialism, ‘The Unbreakable Glassmakers Takeover The Asylum’.


or psychpathological personality disorders exhibit within the patient a totally amoral attitude, in which the psychopath unable to relate to normal human conditions and emotions must ‘adopt’ them in an attempt to seem ‘normal’. Psychopaths are unable to understand normal sense or even right from wrong. Many are deeply problematic characters whose inability to relate or feel compassion for others, replaces this with tantrums or what psychologists term ‘guilt transfer’, in which the psychopath takes on the condition, even the personality of the intended ‘client’ in order to ‘feel’ what is simply not there in the vampire like relationship that characterises these types of illnesses. A recent example is Vanessa Redgrave, the sclerotic actress and Leftist ‘activist’ seen gushing emotive tears in the company of a BBC report on the plight of a group of Irish travellers on a site in Essex; the force of her ‘emotions’ out of all proportion to the event.

I have watched the growing chaos in my own academic discipline across the years as these ‘PC’ terms are substituted for normal descriptions and dates, to the point that many modern archaeologists talk a kind of patois ‘jargon’ totally unintelligible to many like me. Strange terms like ‘post processual’ to describe events after something is buried, or after the act of the original owner did something or other with the artefact in its ‘unique socio-historical context’, as if the object had existed in its own time-space continuum, instead of traditional ‘sealed deposit’. Then one finds these idiots studying such ‘disciplines’ as ‘Feminist Archaeology’, ‘De-Christianising Contextual Revisionist Archaeology’, ‘Peace Archaeology’ and even ‘Gay Archaeology’ and ‘Proto-Marxian Contextual Excavation’. This is political archaeology writ large and also trying to do something, anathema to most like me- perverting the archaeological record itself- telling lies to present a heavily biased view- a politically correct view of history- a modern view.

I have seen whole sites destroyed and misused in this manner and this is today mainstream stuff that receives most of the funding. It is also why I left university archaeology and went into Roman living history. One case I was involved in, reported that ‘a transvestite burial had been found, so supporting the existence of a gay sub-cultural context within patriarchal Anglo-Saxon Britain’. The team were literally over excited by their ‘amazing discovery in support of ancient gay rights’. A special event was held celebrating this ‘unique contribution to Dark Age history that established beyond doubt, that gayness was once a valued and especial condition in Anglo-Saxon Britain’. People clapped. Leftist dignitaries spoke in hallowed awe, until the pathologist informed the department that the ‘transvestite’ was in fact a girl! Even then, so typical of the Socialist- sociopathic mind, they first questioned this scientist’s results saying he was .mistaken or had contaminated the DNA, until finally they started a campaign of hysterical Chinese whispers, stating he was a ‘Far-Right homophobe’ in the ‘pay of reactionary patriarchal university forces’. I kid you not.

I simply could not work in such an atmosphere, my labours, daily under the over watchful eye of these psychopaths. These creatures now run the UK and infest Academia, state schools, local authorities, national institutions including the judiciary and law enforcement and you all wonder why we are in such a chaotic, even lunatic asylum of a country. The above reasons are why! The ‘transvestite’ was indeed buried with military accoutrements but she was aged around 16 years and obviously a bit of a ‘Saxon Tom-boy’. Ancient Germanic tribes often allowed their women to practice with arms and in some cases use them in battle, as ancient sources like the Roman historian Tacitus tell us!

When one hears announced, the removal of ‘gender identity’ from passports- an EU instruction to its South East England ‘Transmanche’ Quisling ‘Coalition’ by the way, already rejected by the French and other countries but leapt on with the usual enthusiasm by our own ‘liberal’ loonies and then the blasé removal of traditional dating by the BBC, accompanied 24 hours later by an announcement that ‘Songs of Praise’ will itself, go ‘multicultural’ instead of the Christian service it is required by the BBC Charter and law to be so, then one wonders what is there left to destroy? I have to make a real physical effort to remain calm and dispassionate. The British public simply think it is ‘PC gone mad’ or simply try to ignore it as of no importance. This apathy has taken the country to where it is today- all but destroyed and run by certifiable people who should be confined to an asylum.

Our country is on the verge of becoming subsumed into a rapidly Islamifying Eurabian alter-entity, as Christianity under the endless onslaught of Marxist/EU sponsored political and ideological correctitude, sees itself removed increasingly from public life. Our population is now become a third class citizenry, deliberately kept illiterate and ignorant but also taught to despise itself, through the brainwashing of two generations of our children. We are gradually and systematically being replaced by an alien population, deliberately imported to do just this by the German-Franco Axis intent on founding ‘Eurabia’. Our real UK population is now around 77,000,000 and climbing, with around 20,000,000 migrants according to one highly placed academic source I have but who like me has no time, for this Marxist drivel. Our economy is ruined and if we do survive and I now have serious doubts, based upon sound archaeological and ethnographic reasoning and evidence, it will be two or even three generations of our enslaved descendents left to pay the bill of all this madness- and it is madness,

The Euro and Europe itself is logically and commonsensically finished but that will not stop the loonies. Look what they did to Russia- they ran that bankrupt economy for 70 years before Reality caught up. Today Russia is again drifting back into criminal despotism. I would also point out that 60,000,000 Russians died to support the dreams of the Marxists- 60,000,000 men, women and children. That is the price of Socialism and why I absolutely loathe and despise its ideology and murderous psychopathic espousers. Be in no doubt about my hatred and I refer to both forms- Marxist/Leninist and Hitlerian.

You can help yourself reader by redefining your understanding of the Socialist mindset by fully comprehending that what you and I regard as normal, does not exist in the psychopathic world of the Left, There is no such thing as God or Truth, or financial thrift and control. All is thrown to the winds of obeisance to the great god Socialism. They have murdered millions to have it so! So they are hardly going to worry their non-existent consciences over 50,000,000 expendable despised Britons are they, or 400,000,000 Europeans?


3 responses to “Pickle a Leftie?

  1. A very interesting article, and of course I agree with the general way of it. But since we are on the subject of history thanks to the article, I think it worth mentioning that this is not a unique experience for a population. It is an ideological revolution. A population are required to/persuaded to adopt a new philosophical framework and moral code, a whole new way of seeing the world.

    I think an obvious prior example is the Christianisation of Europe, in which various old ways, subsequently derided as “pagan” or “primitive” were replaced by Christianity. As a consequence, the peoples of Europe found themselves with an entirely new ideological and philsophical framework, and a new, and very precise, moral code and, indeed, a whole new layer of ruling class (the priesthood etc).

    I always feel a little strange when people talk about our “traditional” christianity. It is after all an imported religion. Maybe 1500 years from now, our more traditionalist descendants will be complaining that England is not what it used to be, nobody goes to the mosque any more.

    One interesting common factor is that after such a revolution, that which existed before is entirely repudiated, as I mentioned above; just “pagan”. The New Thing is treated almost as if it has always been so. The past becomes another country. It is inevitably a hard process for those, like us, who resist the new way. We can at least expect that in these gentler times, we will not see a bloody verdict as at Verdun; though of course the more underhanded violence of exlcuding persons from their livelihoods and civil society for heresy is already commonplace.

    Also, while reading it, I couldn’t help but think that in archaeology, interpreting finds as what you want to find is not entirely unique to Post-Marxists. WF Albright running around the Middle East “finding” confirmation of scripture springs to mind.

  2. Maurice N.Petit-Dejener

    I would like to comment that the UK monarch is now going to be allowed to marry a Catholic. Well, as Prince William has just married a Jewess; I should think so too !!

  3. Ernst Schicklgruber

    I concur with the above correspondent