The Limits of Intolerance

by Guy Leven Torres
16th September 2011

Our civilisation is slowly but surely collapsing or rather metamorphosing into something else. Let me repeat again my earlier classifications of types of society-

2) Empirsation
3) Primitivisation or Culturalisation.

We are discussing ‘a’ Civilisation, ‘a’ Empirsation, ‘a’ Primitivisation. 

They have these characteristics-

1)      Civilisation- urban development, democracy, liberty, small government, free thought, originality, and progress. Example- 19th Century Britain, Classical Rome, Greece.

2)      Empirisation- Big government, large welfare, huge bureaucracy, despotism, decreasing liberty and civil discourse- overarching ideological tyranny but most importantly declining standards of education and thought, replaced by ‘heresy’. Example- ‘Liberal’Modern Britain and America, USSR, Third Reich, Atheism.

3)      Primitivisation or Culturalisation- recognisable culture with primitive beliefs, lack of technology, tribal or familial structures- often highly patriarchal. Example- European feudal society, Anglo-Saxon England, Islam, various tribal societies around the globe. 

There are sub categories to describe the process in between one and another. One of them is ‘Proto-Civilisation’, another is ‘Proto-Culture’. ‘Proto’ simply means ‘The first’ or ‘original’, as in ‘proto-type’ to describe the first and only model of what is to come. Rome was a ‘civilisation’, even though she was an ‘empire’ due to the characteristics of her rule and attitude to Law. She valued her citizens, unlike the Brussels’ Imperium. Rome did change gradually into an Empirisation as despotic rule destroyed the Republic- a period that we call ‘The Dominate’. Augustus at least, had followed the forms of Republican rule, even if his reign was a barely disguised dictatorship. Earlier emperors had to watch their step, since the citizen legions within which their imperial authority lay, could exert their citizenery’s but especially the Senate’s displeasure, if the ruler was not up to the mark. Throughout the whole period of the Imperium, the emperor had to watch his back where large gatherings of citizens took place, as in the arena, who could use their collective voice to air their opinions about the current state of affairs. As late as the period 610AD, the eastern Emperor Phocas lost his throne in such a manner. This was why the rulers had a personal guard in their thousands.

These same troops could decide to take note of the citizenry’s demands and act on their behalf, as they did in 41AD to remove the evil Caligula, then again in 68AD with Nero, 97/98AD with Nerva and at other diverse times. This was ‘democracy’ even if one does not recognise it today. The EU a totally undemocratic society in any way one looks at it, in the hands of a very selfish, arrogant Socialist elite, that seem to be oblivious to the lessons of history to the point of self-immolation that is now hopefully, descending on them. There never was a Praetorian Guard to remove the European Commission on behalf of its fed up frustrated citizens, at the time they made Eire vote again on the dreaded Lisbon Treaty for the ‘required answer’, or the endless bailouts to ‘rescue’ countries in the ‘Eurozone’ in the throes of societal collapse. As usual the elite ignored reality and continued on its merry way so making the catastrophe, when it comes far worse than it needed to be.  

Such is the Socialist’s blind unquestioning obedience to Marxist theological cant and self interest and an utter inability to admit they were wrong, so all must suffer. In short Rome, with its Praetorians was more democratic than our own society. Our own armies laid waste in stupid foreign wars- unwinnable wars and do not let ‘Free Libya’ fool you!- may perhaps have once intervened to prevent what is now taking place in our lives. They should have acted, or rather the Monarch should have invited the Army to step in when Brown showed his true colours, by refusing a promised Referendum on the EU and arrogantly had himself photographed as ‘The Great Socialist Dear Leader’ signing away the UK through the Lisbon Treaty, to a Marxist despotism as though 77,000,000 Britons and their Kingdom were his personal fiefdom. Such is and always has been the Socialist plans for the Britain they despise. I despise and loathe them in turn. The whole damn lot deserve to hang as they hopefully will one day under our ‘repealed’ Treason Laws of 1351/2.

There is a new term needed to describe our own present situation- a state of flux as the country wanes and waxes under the baleful influence of ‘multiculturalism’, towards a form of society or societies yet unknown but perhaps glimpsed in August 2011 on the violent streets of London, or the nasty sink estate ghettos from which many of the ‘Underclass’ erupted. If we continue on this trajectory we may cease to be a United Kingdom even in ‘form’ but a whole series of warring, paranoid ‘communities’, even proto-statelets reflecting the many alien peoples and beliefs, that now make up perhaps 14,000,000 to 20,000,000 of Britain’s population according to one source I have, a fellow academic and Professor of Physics. On trains travelling to London from Staines during all hours of the day, one hardly hears English at all…… 

As people know, I spent a number of years utilising my archaeological ethnographic expertise, quantifying population statistics in whole areas across the country, especially inner cities. I did this by counting the numbers of obviously alien individuals within a given area as opposed to white indigenes. The figures for Birmingham alone but also Leeds and most of London, preclude beyond reasonable doubt, that there are perhaps three times as many migrants in the country, especially Moslems as officially admitted. A town near me, called Feltham has changed into a nearly fully migrant town in just three to five years. It was once a dumping ground for ‘white trash’ left to fester and breed once the main employer ‘EMI’ collapsed, or rather following deliberate asset stripping. This is repeated across the country in places like the Midlands. One of my other passions is electronics and radio. I once worked at EMI as an electronics Buyer.

In Feltham, the sight of burkas, head-dresses and other alien paraphernalia accompanied by numerous children is now ubiquitous, the remaining white unemployed population left to fester, hanging around pubs cadging money or shouting abuse at each other- exactly the type of situation that led to riots in London. The good news is that the migrants are far better behaved and civil. For those who disagree with my ‘statistics’ I point them to recent supermarket sales’ receipts used to measure a purchase index, detailing how much and what type of food to buy in. I used the same methodology to purchase and forward order stocks of components to exacting ‘Re-order levels’,  based upon ‘JIT’ or ‘Just in Time’ delivery schedules that are mathematically worked out to ensure too much stock was not carried by any firm in the business, so I know that supermarkets, especially ones with low profit-fast turnover regimes like the above are very accurate.  

So in this light I would say we have a population around 80,000,000 and perhaps 20,000,000 migrants- or 14,000,000 more than the 6,000,000 admitted to. The experience of Feltham and on other boroughs of London would indeed seem to support this. As I keep stating, I am a scholar- a very concerned scholar yes but one dedicated to objective fact, not ‘cooked’ statistics that the Government likes to fool its population with. The latter may assuage the white hating, Moslem dominated, hysterical sociopaths in the Unite Against Fascists, even the patriotic members of UKIP or the BNP, rightly suspicious of government migration figures, however it is becoming more than obvious that the UK, especially England is destroyed. We are not quite there yet but not far. What can one do with 20,000,000, many of whom are far better behaved than the indigenous?

It appals me to see what has been done to us. However we have done nothing in reply but simply allowed the situation to evolve until it is insurmountable. Those like Bishop of Rochester Nazir Ali, who warned of the growth of Islamic sovereign states in our cities, was forced to resign by a nasty campaign of Chinese whispers by ‘liberal’ fellow clergy. I have no such problem, so can speak my mind or rather write it. I receive endless threats from the usual suspects but I simply carry on! 

Somebody asked me who I would rather live with if I had to live in Feltham- the ‘white trash’ or migrants? I replied ‘Neither’ but on balance the better behaved latter, that is if they allowed my coloured wife and I to do so. On our previous experience this has not been the case. Some twenty years ago I was offered a lucrative contract in Saudi Arabia, accompanied by my spouse. When the company met her, they withdrew the offer with the remarks ‘Your wife would never be left alone, she would have to hide away, since she resembles one of their own women- her life would be miserable and she would be forced to cover from head to toe, never allowed out and forever under the eye of the religious police!’ I could not subject her to such a life. I have lived in Moslem countries as a child and can confirm this view.

Britain is in flux moving towards a new entity. Will it be a Balkans’ style multicultural mess broken up into a countryside populated by what is left of the indigenous population, while the cities adapt to a series of race, creed and cult dominated ‘mini-statelets’ always on the verge of immediate violence, into which the Police fear to go, or will we simply drift through our own bovine apathy into a Moslem state by default and come to resemble a Western Pakistan? At present one could describe Britain as ‘acultural’ or even a ‘metaculturation’. 

Meanwhile in Libya, if a Libyan I know is right, Sarkozy and Cameron, the modern day political equivalent of ‘Laurel and Hardy’ naively perform to the hopefully amused ‘Free Libyans’. Bassem told me ‘It was a great show Guy! But we don’t even know who is actually in charge there! The street buzz is that it is Moslem Brothers! Your politicians, are either highly cynical and playing a game, or just plain stupid!’

My major objection to Cameron and his forerunners, is their almost complete lack of cultural and historical understanding and one has to say, short term shallow political practices. They also lack education and the necessary gravitas like statesmanship, necessary to steer us through this growing potentially violent storm. They are mentally far too young, their mindset and habits suitable to run a small business but hardly the material sadly to govern an ancient land like Britain. In political and historical terms they are children in fact. Keep and eye on the Near East, we have seen nothing yet. Piracy has been reported off Libyan coasts too. I am sorry dear reader that I have not been able to report better news for once!

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  1. Guy Leven-Torres

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    Guy Leven-Torres

    14th October 2011

    ‘As Long As it Works, What Does It Matter?’

    The Face Of Tyranny?

    For those that doubt that all except one of my e.mail acounts have been hacked and my IP address stolen, then please see this below, (although a second cousin who cannot spell has been involved but not anything to do with whatever is doing this now-far too sophisticated-coincidences do happen)… I am not in the habit of attacking myself, nor hacking my own e.mails or ‘creating a context’ to sell my new book. Plainly and simply stop the idiotic conspiracy theorising and simply understand that due to the type of writing I do and the Internet, that allows every loser with a personal grudge to do this kind of thing, it happens-period!. I admit this is the biggest attack upon me yet but it is not the only one, nor will it be the last.

    I have been threatened over the last six years, I already have a Moslem fatwa hanging over me, I have been followed across the land by strange individuals, had the drones of British ‘Intelligence’ sitting in cars outside my driveway twice and even ‘near misses’ on the M25- far too many for coincidence. I know about this kind of thing because of the ‘work’ I have done in the past. The BNP supported me during this period even though I am not a member I am grateful and I hate ingratitude, even if I do not agree with some of their policies although they are by far more sensible than the elite’s that rule us today and their dreams of Eurabia that lie behind the current Arab Spring.

    When will people realise the kind of country we have become and still becoming? What you see below is a reflection of that Reality, even if airheads and cowards want to believe otherwise. I live in Reality and as I said to a friend in UKIP yesterday, I have no intention-absolutely no intention whatsoever of living under this ghastly regime. The general public may be idiots, even like being taken for idiots and being one- I DO NOT- in fact it really gets up my proverbial nose and I have absolutely nothing but utter and complete contempt for it and those lazy apathetic sheep that go along with this behaviour by our ‘elite’. I will fight them come what may by each, all and every means possible unto death if necessary. Please do not underestimate me in my intent or capability. And yes most of you will scorn or pity me as a throwback or fantasist but I can assure you I am not. Even in our dreary warpeed cocooned world it maybe necessary but of course the liberal elite and their drones will simply sniff in their usual condescending manner. Cadets I trained ten years ago know otherwise as they fight in Afghanistan. At least one has been shot.

    The public in this country know full well from all the nefarious idiocy going on in the EU and UK that something smells to Heaven-indeed it reeks! Yet people are quite prepared and even determined to go on paying through the nose for bailouts, climate change, wars and all the rest of the tyranny now among us, including the increasingly over-bloated taxes and fines now levied by local authorities through which the EUSSR governs. You may be happy to throw away your hard earned cash to support these parasites and live in freezing rooms while your old relatives die but I am not!

    Call me overheated if you like or an idiot, even emotional but I can assure you that a tsunami is about to crash across the globe and people simply do not want to believe it and hope it goes away, so they can return to watching football or Big Brother. God help us all if this had been 1939 or 1914, or even 1803. the riots on London streets are but a harbinger of what is to come.

    I would rather be a live, overheated, emotional ‘idiot’ than a dead one. Do you younger people feel that disaster never happens to you? Do you think that simply because you live where you do suffering and death are simply something other peoples ‘do’? I have seen war and it is nasty and as much people try to ignore it- it will not ignore you. I have a large extended family in the UK and Panama (my wife is one of 10) even if idiot ignoramuses who live their single ‘lifestyles’ (God I hate this jargon) sitting behind their computers feel that nobody is different from them. We regularly meet and celebrate together as my UKIP friend can confirm. Thank God I do for without them I would be nothing.

    It is also the reason I can spend my time doing this thankless task trying to wake people up. They support me financially.

    When I asked a neighbour what he would do about it all? He simply replied ‘As long as it works, what does it matter?’ Was there not a saying about the government people deserve? – To me this is ‘Can I be your slave please?’ or ‘Please can you tax me more so I can suffer more?’, ‘Please take my money to fund your lifestyle and Pakistani nuclear programme?’ or ‘Please treat me like and idiot and think for me, even lie to me so that I may live my ‘lifestyle’? Ugh!

    Why do I bother or any of us but he does indeed represent the general public. However I am thinking two generations hence and as my pal ‘John’ in UKIP said, ‘We have no right to vote away the freedom of future generations!’ neither do we have the ‘Right’ to do nothing, or the ‘Right’ to selfishly pass our greed and stiupidity onto them either. I warn those like my neighbour here and now there will come a time when we will be free again and we will remember who was not with us and we’ll come looking and will place on trial for treason or collaboration, (for what else is it?)- those that failed to do their duty. Mark my words well. People know that I mean what I say and say what I mean and intend. We are an occupied country even if you do not want to believe it.

    Yesterday I was cut dead by London Broadcasting Company- an EU funded organ like most of our controlled Media and tried to discuss the ongoing violence in Athens in which several ministries have been violently occupied and the growing rebellion in the US. There are also rumours that the EU may be planning to use troops to ‘assist’ the Greek government to keep order- ‘invited in’ of course. Don’t all Socialists love to be ‘invited’ as they were in Poland in 1939 and Afghanistan in 1979! This is the true nature of an occupied state. It doesn’t work actually- it simply brings disaster.


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    Guy is being attacked by people who don’t like what he has to say……

  2. Yes I can verify that my friend Guy is indeed under some kind of cyber attack. Most peculiar why somebody should be so upset. A rotten end to a promisng writer. I wish him luck and welcome the fact he has finally deciede to stop being involved in a pointless cause. Guy does have a large family by the way and would never use foul language. I have known him for 40 years.

  3. My name is Sati Goonwardene, by the way. Why are people so cruel and stupid? It seems to me that the Internet is an exuse for nonentities to abuse people without giving their name. Like Guy I give mine. The country has lost a good writer and friend. I think he is right that we are on the verge of a massiev economic collapse.

  4. Guy Leven-Torres

    Thankyou mate! You haven’t seen the last of me! Guv my love to Dominc and the children!

  5. Guy Leven-Torres

    Read ‘give’ not ‘guv’ even you are not my ‘guv’….

    As I said here we go!

    Events over the next few months are going to give people a lot more to worry about…

  6. Maurice N.Petit-Dejener

    I too confirm that Guy very much exists, and is broadly as he says he is. Except the Benefits System are the main supporters of his projects.

  7. That’s all very well. But this thread should now be closed.