Discussing the Holocaust

by Sean Gabb

I’ve just put this up on a thread that the Blogmaster and I had completely and embarrassingly overlooked:

“Right, David Davis and I have been remiss in not having noticed that this thread has been rumbling on for over four years. Neither of us can be bothered to look through all the hundreds and hundreds of comments. However, we have decided to close this thread to further comments just as soon as we can work out how to do so. Our reason is that this blog exists to debate libertarian issues, not whether and to what extent the Holocaust happened. There are other places to debate this, and we are absolutely opposed to any attempts to censor these. But, now we have noticed it, this thread really has to stop. We are in the position of householders who have thrown a party, and find that, long after we thought everyone had gone home, there is a continuing orgy in one of the summer houses. It stretches hospitality rather far, and is likely to get us funny looks from the neighbours.

“Doubtless, it will take us ages to work out how to turn off comments, and we will not delete anything that has been put up. But the time really has come for us to shoo you all off to continue your discussions somewhere else.”

You may all scratch your heads in wonder that we could have spent four years in absolute ignorance of a debate on this blog that has generated 620 comments, some of these thousands of words long. But we are both rather busy, and we have only just looked through the WordPress control panel and ticked the box that makes us aware of all comments posted. We were surprised to find that a very ancient thread was one of the most active areas of this blog.

We take a rather sniffy approach to censorship, and do agree that people should be at perfect liberty to say whatever they like about the Holocaust and Jews and whatever else takes their fancy. But, while we will say this, and will allow debates on this application of the free speech principle, we really don’t see the function of the LA Blog as providing a forum for people to discuss the substantive issues.

We would take the same approach if we found that there had been a long and overlooked discussion about the merits of vegetarianism, or the David Icke claims about lizard space aliens, or the merits of digital as opposed to analogue sound recording. If there is a place for everything on the Internet, it is not always on the LA Blog.

We should have said this four years ago, and we have been most negligent in overlooking all that has been going on under our noses. But, now we have noticed, we will close the thread to further comments, and we shall try to be more observant in future.


4 responses to “Discussing the Holocaust

  1. Well done! Discussing the Holocaust produces exceptionally visceral argument! Perhaps you need a moderator?

  2. There are supposed to be two moderators already!

  3. I’ve dealt with the problem. There’s a minute tickbox hidden cunningly at the bottom left of the “edit post” page. Not heving ever needed to terminate commenting on stuff before, I never looked for it. Sadly, we are often too pre-occupied to do housekeeping on here, but we try never to fall into the trap of taking “breaks from blogging”.

  4. I’ve also noticed that someone keeps posting adverts here in Russian for diet pills. Since they are always on old threads, and they are only marginally annoying, I propose to ignore these comments.

    However, since we’re beginning to poke – even if only occasionally – through the ten k hits a day boundary, we should both try harder to keep the blog tidy for our visitors.