Diverse Pigesses



Hong Kong





North Korea




South Korea

Viet Nam

Hinds County MS

8 responses to “Diverse Pigesses

  1. Well, fuck me runnin’, cuz like, it’s always better to be oppressed by slender Asian sweeties, amiright?

  2. Is the feminine form of Rozzer, “Rozzerette”?

  3. Well, being beaten to death in a police cell is unlikely ever to be enjoyable. But there are always degrees of displeasure.

  4. Point taken. It’s always better to be slowly strangled by a couple of hotties while your big organ-cavity fills with goo than to be slowly, rapidly or otherwise strangled by …

    Wait, wtf am I saying again? Somehow I got lost, inside, around “beautiful thighs”, and without and reference to Ayn Rand.

  5. Has the Chinese one in the first pic got her phone number on her uniform or does China really have a hell of a lot of cops?

  6. You could try dialling the number. I suspect your second guess is the right one. But it *might* be the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

  7. I suspect the authenticity of the Singaporean photo. The gun she’s holding has a red muzzle, which signifies that it’s only a toy or an imitation.

    If you could split the two American ladies, you could make enough cops to put down a medium-sized London riot.

  8. @Rob, I think I’d just deploy the two of them just as they are, on their own. That’d work.