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The Art of Suppression: new book

David Davis

I chanced just now upon this and it’s too good not to flag. The indefatigable Ian B, who comments often here, would I know appreciate the thesis behind this book and has also his own theories about how and why this modern death-cult of prohibition/suppression of individuals’ desires and physical/psychological needs came about.

Pickle a Leftie?

Anger Management…..Or Preserve Wildlife- Pickle A Politically Correct Twit

Guy Leven-Torres

27th September 2011

No doubt none of you will have heard the term ‘Deconstructionism’? It is a pseudo post-Marxist idea that literally strips back society by altering its structure by the use of alternative words, or speech and applying new ones, leading in time to a new society altogether, or even destroying it replaced by a Socialist one. It acts like all Socialist viruses by infiltrating the host body and changing the DNA with replicants of itself. A serious piece of structural social ‘DNA’ replacement took place over the weekend, with hardly a murmur of protest, from the feckless bovine herd that now passes for the British public. Continue reading

Sean Gabb on Multiculturalism

by Sean Gabb

Multiculturalism is part of the legitimising ideology of our present ruling class. It serves many functions, which you will find laid out in some detail in my own book Cultural Revolution, Culture War: How Conservatives Lost England, and How to Get it Back. One of the functions, however, goes like this: Continue reading

Richard Blake debates with a reviewer of Συνωμοσίες στη Ρώμη

Here is a link to an interesting debate between Richard Blake and one of his Greek reviewers:

Emancipate Yourselves from Mental Slavery

by Kevin Carson

A reader of one of my previous columns (“Another Stupid Remark from Mitt — But Who’s Counting,” C4SS Sept. 10, 2011 ) published in a local newspaper complained that the Center for a Stateless Society is “a far-left organization that promotes worker radicalism and anarchy.” But characterizing a position as “far-left” or “promoting worker radicalism and anarchy” isn’t the same as answering it on grounds of logic and evidence. Continue reading

Review of Deep Citizenship

by Sean Gabb

1.0 out of 5 stars Softening us up for the NuLab tyranny,25 Sep 2011
This review is from: Deep Citizenship (Hardcover)

Every so often, I gather up a mass of the review copies I have been sent of new books and take them to the nearest charity shop. The book that I am briefly reviewing here has lain unopened on a shelf for about five years. Looking through it, I realise I should have made an effort with it, as it is deserving of some notice. I cannot be bothered to give it a full scale review. But here are my brief thoughts on it. Continue reading

The death of the Euro

David Davis

I can’t find it in my heart to crow about this forthcoming event. Whether it occurs in an orderly way in early November, or later and bringing much worse trouble, it is sad. Sad because neo-Nazis were still allowed to get their hands on the levers of political power and patronage in Europe, and their eager supporters and brown-nosers here too, while our backs were turned. Why nobody handed Monnet, Schumann and Spinelli to Stalin’s resettlement-gooks in 1845, escapes me.

At least the fallout that reaches Britain (and this is a British blog, the main writers are English, and some of us libertarians think nationalism is an important and useful force) will be limited only to several hundreds of billions…

…hundreds of billions of Euros? of Dollars? of Sterling? Kilograms of gold? What difference does it make? It’s rounding errors by that time. When you hear phrases like a “2.6-trillion-Euro bailout fund to ringfence Greece, Ireland and Portugal” so as “not to have to bail out Spain and Italy which are too big to bail out”, you wonder what sort of drunken auction is going on where we can’t see it, and what the buggers are smoking.

And when you hear that “the Footsie has jumped 10 points upon the announcement of the bailout fund, and regained the psychologically important 5,000 level”, you wonder how shallow, uncurious and uncritical your Banks’ analysts actually are, and may always have been.

Look, we did all say that when people said, in all seriousness, things like “THE EURO IS THE ROOF OF THE HOUSE OF EUROPE: THE TASK NOW IS TO BUILD THE FOUNDATIONS” … then either nobody has thought this Reich through as to how to do it without creating international Terror-Police (I think some guys had thought of that but pretended to keep schtumm), or – worse – HAD thought it through, and knew what the outcome would be…but thought the terror-police would be in place, in time.

We are living in “interesting times”. I’m not sure I’m pleased about this at all.