Vanessa Redgrave: slow-motion-tragedy in the raw

David Davis

I find, from reading the bloodshedding-papers, that this poor old demented “Mummer’s Moll” (and we all in our hearts, can guess what one of those is) is up in arms about the eviction of some “travellers” from a large site in Essex.

It seems the buggers are being evicted for flouting “planning regulations”. Aside from what most libertarians think about “planning regulations” in modern England (that is to say: they affront and abate people’s individual property-rights) there is more to say about why “Travellers” in particular arouse ire and indignation in specifically English hearts and minds. “Travellers” is a GramscoStaliNazi euphemism for “a self-chosen group of people that are allowed to go about doing what they want to whom they want, with the backing of the local Council Soviet and the Police.”

It should be suggested that “Travellers” have been set up as a favoured political subgroup, in proper Nazi (that is always and in particular to say: leftist) fashion, to be directed and used as a weapon to further weaken liberal English society and its traditional terms of discourse. But therein lies the mortal threat to them as a group. When their usefulness has passed, they will be removed. I have been phones and have to go collect my wife, so here is what I said on Facebook a little time ago:-

The problem with “travellers” is not that they “travel”, or increasingly these days “settle”, and actively and deliberately behave in ways that don’t endear them to the other local “settled folk”. Their problem is like that of the poor Muslims, who will also wake up only when it’s too late and the British Political-Enemy-Class’s death-camp-guards are breaking down the doors.

The “Travellers” are being used as door-forcers by the EnemyClass. They are being allowed to behave like utter scumbags with the connivance of “councils” and the “Police”, because they are being used as a favoured minority, and also all the while showered with looted “State benefits”.

They are like the 1950s schoolboy that does as he likes to weaker individuals in the playground, because he’s a friend of the bullies. He stamps on their dinky-toys, destroying the suspension and beidng the axles, because “ner-ner-na-ner-ner! You can’t TOUCH meeeeee!” He stuffs their football gear into the toilet during break. He goads the bullies to “scrag” a thoughtful boy in his own desk, during a “wet-break”.

If you don’t know what scragging is, just ask.

So, “Councils” and “Agencies” go out of their way to assist “Travellers” to upset as many people as possivle with impunity. This has the benefit of encouraging ethnic English emigration, specially in rural constituencies which tend to be conservative, thus diluting political opposition to GramscoStaliNazism. Now then, when the “Travellers” will have finally served their purpose, they will get a rude awakening: it will likely be by armed police of the GramscoStaliNazi EnemyClass, who will whisk them away into “night and fog”. They will be “resettled”.

They ought to wake up before it’s too late, and see that an English Revolutionary Liberal Party (capitalist minimal-statist) will allow them to have camps, provided that they BUY THEM, and then do not spend their time robbing, burgling, horse-rustling and taunting their neighbours. If they do, the Secretariat-For-War (of which I will be Principal Secretary of State) will “take care of them”.

6 responses to “Vanessa Redgrave: slow-motion-tragedy in the raw

  1. C H Ingoldby

    This is a remarkably clear example of how Left wingers are totally disconected from the ‘people’ they so claim to love and represent.

    The great majority of people do not find ‘travellers’ to be ‘warm, gentle, wise and strong’ they find them to be disruptive, criminal parasites. With Leftwings, ‘virtue’ is imposed on the ‘people’ for their own good. Socialism is actually a very perverted form of aristocracy, with a small self selected cliche believing it knows best for everyone and forcing their idiotic notions on everyone else (all the while being sure to avoid the consequences of their own policies)

  2. I would like to know if any of these left wingers, some of whom own land, would let the “travellers” stay in their own gardens or their own land. Britain, as a nation, is seen as a soft touch by so called travellers, immigrants and criminals. They know they can get away with a lot of things by bleating about Human Rights. The Human Rights Act was the worst thing that happened in this country and if people such as the travellers who have such a lack of respect for taxpayers and other peoples’ properties continue to be let off where will it all end?

  3. The travellers own all the land but part of it is designated green belt. It is the fixed dwellings on this part which is to be demolished and families evicted from.There has been a long debate about this issue over on the O.D. site, mainly in support of the travellers.The only question is, do we like green belt policy, if we do then the travellers go and that’s that. I suspect those who are crying persecution and discrimination on behalf of the travellers are those who who would scream about losing green belt if someone wanted to build so called affordable housing in some country field to allow residents from squashed inner cities and towns-Tottenham maybe?- to spread out a bit-especially if located near the week-end home of these smug patronising fake socialists. Always have to have a victim to show how compassionate they are even if they have to invent them.The case has taken ten years to get to this and cost 18 million pounds. Who foots that bill?,not the travellers I bet.

  4. Daisy, this isn’t really about Greenbelt land, it is about how ‘travellers’ consistently get privileged treatment compared to the rest of the population wich offends peoples basic sense of fairness and also about the sad fact that wherever you get ‘travellers’ you get crime and filth.

  5. Yes I understand that, hence my sarcasm toward those who are trying to persuade us that the travellers are victims of persecution. It ought to be just about greenbelt rules applied equally as long as we have green belt rules.If we believe people can build anything they like on their own land then lets change the law. However, the groups supporting them won’t do that because they are likely to be the same people who campaigned for them in the first place , especially close to their own homes. All the rest of the fuss is as you point out, the offence caused to people’s sense of fairness when favourite victim groups get privileged by the lefty groups who will drag out campaigns costing lots of tax-payer money.

  6. Well I’m a fool, clicking on the link on Negotiate Now post above expecting to explore a new site with interesting ideas, well, interesting if you are looking for a discount credit card or holiday.
    Anyhow, back to the subject of traveller evictions. The U.N. has joined the fray , issuing a statement to the effect that Basildon Council should delay its intended action until ‘culturally appropriate’ accommodation can be found. Are we all designated certain types of habitation depending on our culture, background, ethnicity, what about class?. Christ, I’ll never get out of my little terrace.I didn’t realise that it is all part of my ‘identity.’ If I move I probably won’t know who I am anymore.