New Book by Chris R. Tame

CoverThe Land Question in Classical Liberal Thought And the “Georgist” Contribution to Classical Liberalism: A Bibliography by Chris R. Tame, Edited with an Introduction by Sean Gabb

The purpose of this Bibliography is manifold. It aims to provide a wide ranging guide to Henry George’s work, to that of Georgist writers in the English language (i.e., primarily American and British), to the “precursors” of Georgism, and to its principal critics. It also offers a selective listing of the competing Land Nationalisation school. In addition it provides an extensive listing of the broader literature on the land question, emanating from liberal, radical, conservative and socialist writers. The relatively small body of secondary scholarship regarding land issues is also featured.

2 responses to “New Book by Chris R. Tame

  1. Sean–Got the book a few minutes ago. Chris could not have known how much e-publishing means to those of us without a library or bookstore and mail only once a month.

  2. Thanks. I hope you get on with the Kindle edition. The experiment at present is to make the hard copy jaw-droppingly expensive, on the grounds that the only people likely to buy it are academic bureaucrats not spending their own money.