Junk food

Michael Winning

Look guys, I make food for people. I farm pigs, than I have them killed and butchered and sent to you in your blasted shops, for you to eat in all ikinds of extraordinary ways that bloody huntergatherers would not hav conceived.

Now here is a guy that knows what’s going on in the strategic (there’s a word the Boss uses nnow! Im clever me!) battle against what Prince Charles called “cheAP FOOD”.

Look, there is a seriously dangerous “green” assault on the notion that people ought to have what food they want and as cheaply as possible. I think it’s bloody terrible,m and nobody has noticed.

3 responses to “Junk food

  1. C H Ingoldby

    This is a matter of psychology, it’s simply emotionally satisfying to a certain type of person to sneer and interfere and intervene in other peoples lives.

    Some people get a great sense of virtue and superiority by interfering in and generally making other peoples lives less pleasurable, ‘in their own best interests’.

    Hopefully they will provoke some pushback as they rile up lots and lots of people. Even more people eat junk food than smoke. Eventually they will overreach themselves.

  2. We’re in a period like the early 19th century, when on the one hand you have a new ruling class setting up a rigid social system designed to legitimise their rule, and on the other hand everybody else being crushed by it. The question is which way things will go; whether they will triumph or we will resist and overthrow them. The precedent isn’t good; last time they produced the Victorian Dispensation. This time… I dunno. It’s not looking good right now. The best we can say is that we have better communications this time around, but the ability of the Enemy to manipulate us by twiddling our moral dials seems as strong as ever. They only have to shout “think of the children” a few times and they can ban anything.

    I keep lying awake at night trying to think up some revolutionary new strategy that can defeat an ideological hegemony in formation, but I can never come up with anything good enough.

  3. I do too, but a chip butty usually sorts it out, either that or a nice J D !