This is what we are up against, liberals.

David Davis

A mother of a 13-year-old, who smashed up a shop, (I expect this means it was during the latest English-August-looting-season) “blames the government“.

Look: there is no point in expecting a proper Revolution (which is to say: a turning back) any time soon, if we face a population large parts of whom are so conditioned to regard “the government” as the fount of wisdom, of strategy and of plans for how to reach Nirvana.

This is the second main strategic problem that  faces liberals, after the first, which is how to simultaneously wrest control of The Terms Of Public Discourse while also destroying the machinery by which the Enemy-Class might fight back and poison the New Message. The entire process cannot be allowed to take more than five seconds.

I await answers.

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  1. Looting is the governments fault because there is ‘nothing to do’ in the Greater Manchester area.

    I suggest a good start is to consistently mock these moral cripples. To make them and their attitudes of dependency on the State a laughingstock. That will help frame and direct public attitudes.

    No more pandering and false concern for the deracinated products of the welfare state.

  2. “”The government,” she replied, her son by her side, adding: ”There is f*** all for them to do.””

    There may perhaps be a rather strong element of truth to this, though I doubt the mother has engaged in significant socio-political analysis to get there.

    This lad is 13. We have as a society, and that means, the opinion formers in our society, including particularly poltiicians and the government, created since the Victorian Era a strange phenomenon called “teenage”; a long dreary stretch of semi-imprisonment between childhood and adulthood. It has arisen as a consequence of the desire to infantilise and preserve the imaginary “innocent child” from the corruption of the adult world, an idea which developed in the Victorian Era.

    At puberty, a surge of hormones causes enormous changes in the developing mind; the youngster desires to enter the adult world and become a junior adult. Sexuality begins. Young women begin to care about attracting alpha males, and begin to groom and act accordingly. Young men begin to care about becoming alpha males, and begin to act accordingly.

    In virtually every society which has an age of majority or rite of passage prior to Post Victorian Western Civilisation, that age has been set at around 13. For instance, Bar Mtzvah. This was when the boy became a young man, and began training for and participating in, adult roles such as warrior and hunting and, as civilisation became more urban, apprenticeships and entering the workplace.

    The State actively prevents this natural transition. Young men and women are trapped in institutions for children called schools. They may not work. They may not socialise in adult environments such as pubs. They have no adult rights and responsibilities. They are not allowed to grow up. Losing interest in the play of childhood, denied the roles of adulthood, there is literallly “nothing for them to do” and the result is socially disruptive behaviour, emulating adult behaviours (sex, drugs) but forcible held outisde the adult world, there is none of the necessary restraint, guidance and instruction which would be available in the company of men. A 14 year old having his first beer as an apprentice among workmates would, as a junior adult, learn the correct social behaviours. Sitting on a park bench with tins of beer among his peers, the resultant behaviour is uncontrolled.

    The best the State can offer is a “youth club”; another childish pretend social environment, rather than the real thing. When I was 14 I wouldn’t have been seen dead in such a silly place, and I was a very nice young lad, not a yob.

    The effect is strongest among the poor. The “middle class” youngster has considerably more facilities available in which to develop; even larger housing means they have a “place of their own”. If you’re poor, there is no such space, and no money either. So you go “out” to get away from the stifling family home in which you are still a child, out with your mates, all likewise young men, and you drift and get into trouble. By the time the young man reaches official adulthood, several years of this has led to a socially disconnected ruffian. And often, in the years when our young man was waiting to be an “official” adult, he had found that he could become an unofficial one by joining a gang, selling drugs and perpetrating violence.

    So, the State has a lot to answer for. It is fighting against nature. And it is losing.

  3. Ian, this deserves to be promoted to a formal post. You have a great gift, old fellow: it is, for stating the bleeding obvious which nobody else (that is to say: me) has spotted.

  4. Thanks David, if you’d like to “promote” feel free :)

    I wrote a similar piece over at Counting Cats a while back, which is a bit longer, also-