David Webb on the Police as a Closed and Unaccountable Order within the State

by David Webb

I have been amazed at the interventions of a bureaucrat creep called Hugh Orde on the policing of the riots. He is apparently a senior police officer, but one who claims that politicians may not interfere with policing, and that the decision on what methods of riot control to use will be made by police only.

Orde claimed that he was the acknowledged expert as he has ordered water cannon and baton charges in Northern Ireland — but I don’t think many would agree that his results in Northern Ireland were perfect… I would keep quiet about his NI experience if I were he. Unfortunately, the prime minister is minister for the civil service, and the Queen in Council can give whatever orders the PM advises. If it is clear the police are handling things wrong, it would be ridiculous for the PM to do nothing. This bureaucratic approach implies that whatever the police bureaucracy feel like doing, they will do, but that either way it should not be subject to parliamentary supervision.

The role of the police ought to be part of public debate and politics. I am quite sure the PM and the House of Commons ought to be discussing the riots and where the riot control tactics wholly wrong ought to be sacking chief constables. I have grave reservations about the Association of Chief Police Officers making statements to the press designed to cover their own backs – as civil servants they shouldn’t be engaging in spin.

It is not for Hugh Orde to comment in public on policing – he is not an elected politician.

3 responses to “David Webb on the Police as a Closed and Unaccountable Order within the State

  1. Much as I despise an ACPO creep like Orde, what he says makes more sense than Camorons tripe.

    Not going off the deep end is a good idea. If the police we have had been told to get clubbing with the same enthusiasm they showed for bashing the Countryside Alliance in 2004 the riots would have been over in a night (2 at the most).
    For the police to have dithered and pussyfooted and to to then escalate with water cannon, baton rounds etc is beyond stupid.

    The rest of Camoron’s “thinking” is equally useless.
    Shut down social media/Internet–don’t need to worry about mission creep there–it’s obvious what that is about. Not clear if the prick can do it, either technically or legally. And even if he can there will be ways around it. And even if there aren’t riots have happened throughout all history without high tech. Might make finding best places to loot a bit harder but it won’t stop it.
    No masks?–most people don’t wear ’em and if you are going to riot you aren’t going to worry about laws saying you can’t wear a mask. Oh wait—there is one group who wears them–muslim women. Is the idiot going to ban the burqa and have it out with muslims or is he going to make them exempt and upset everybody else–we can’t cover our face but they can. And if I’ve got a scarf up aginst the winter’s cold is some plod going to tell me to take it off and freeze?
    The sooner economic disaster gets rolling the better.

  2. PS-“David Webb”–wasn’t that Jason Bourne’s real name?.

  3. C H Ingoldby

    It is an horrible fact that the police force has become politicised.

    One day soon people will notice. The loss of trust will be deep and significant for how society as a whole works. The implied consent of the populace is already under great strain.