No use “blaming the parents”: socialist nazis deliberately made them into what they have become

David Davis

“Cameron blames the parents”….well, what a surprise there then. I expect he’d be shifting his feet shiftily and trying to look at the floor somewhere off-camera stage-left, if he came right out with the truth and blamed the British Political Enemy-Class, for this is the culprit.

The rioters rioted because they had not been taught the boundaries of orderly human behaviour and socialisation, which takes place in nuclear families (which Gramscians hate – read them) and is reinforced in schools which teach knowledge and do not do social engineering. I know I bore you all rigid with my repetition of the purposeful planning and construction of this underclass over several decades: but socialists made these people as a supposedly pliable votariat, to farm for political power and ever more power, just like “ever-closer union” in the EUSSR. The real intention to emancipate them never existed – this was an evil and duplicitous device to persuade classical-liberals and conservatives not to resist but to venerate and genuflect, supposedly shamed for their supposedly unfairly-won position at the “top” of the social structure.

The intention was to farm, multiply and ghetto-ise these people, spray largesse at them harvested from progressive-taxation (not that progressive when you factor in specifically-hard taxes on the poor like tobacco, alcohol, the National Lottery etc) and turn them into a willing caucus for furthering the destruction of liberalism. To do this, they had to be firmly, and for decades, desocialised so that there would be two or three serial generations that had known nothing else. The schools too would be forced to conform in what they taught, and how, soas especially to disadvantage boys, reducing them to barnyard animals.

And by God it worked. Speaking of God, the English Churches have some answering to do about allowing themselves to be hijacked by stalinists, bean-eaters,”degrowthers”, treehuggers, sandal-wearers and feminazis, all posing as “Christian Socialists”.

So for Cameron to blame the parents isn’t quite hitting the right target. Most of the people to blame live in the metropolises, vote labour or lib dem, work for the State or Soviets in one way or another – or the BBC its propaganda arm,  and some may even have dined at his table. to where the money will come from to compemsate – assuming that could even be achieved –  it should be from the great personal fortunes of prominent British socialists.


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  1. Very well put. I agree entirely.

  2. Howard R Gray

    This stuff was probably planned or forseen during the Comintern period when the long march through the institutions was started.

    Repetition is the one thing that is needed to get the message across, time and again, so that there is a glimmer of hope that totalitarianism can actually be prevented. No, repetition of vital commentary is a very good thing don’t stop now!

    Socialists will always face one single problem and that is the outcome always fails. No amount of deception, legerdemain, and the like will prevent the inevitable outcome. Keynesian economics still posits the faintly absurd idea that you can spend even after the Kitty has long deceased and ceased to be! People are silly enough to believe this stuff will get their just desserts; the only problem is I don’t want to share the desert with them with, or without, a very long spoon.

    Socialists are rather like dogs that chase cars, the problem is when they catch up to the car it is totally inedible and splendidly impractical to do anything further about the chase. Dogs do this repetitively and never derive much benefit from car chasing; Socialists likewise derive little benefit for any of us by being in government. They keep doing it, and they epitomize madness by doing the same thing time and again, getting the same results, and never changing the policy objectives. By the same token, it does no harm to repeat the criticisms of socialism. You can at least trained dogs not to do it, the big question is can you train socialists not to do it?

    Here in the US the idea of the debt limit seems to be innocuous to most, including the elephant class, who seem to believe just a little more poison will make the medicine go down just fine. At some point the Zimbabwean moment will arrive, and in the not-too-distant future too. Economics does not and cannot exempt itself from thermodynamics whatever the Keynesians may believe. I opined on the subject of bitcoin a while back, pondering it some more, it occurred to me that creating alternative hard currencies outside the government legal tender zone might be a very good way to prevent the Zimbabwean moment.

    What is the main feature of an inflationary blowout? I submit the complete collapse of daily economic activity through want of a medium of exchange. Provide a substantial medium of exchange, somewhat more efficacious than Weimar cigarettes, and you have a means of preventing out and out revolution.

  3. Zimbabweans use dollars and rands. There is no Zimbabwean currency anymore.


  4. C H Ingoldby

    That is Howard R Gray’s point.