Something equally-quick about the riots

David Davis

It’s well known that the hottish, balmy sweaty weather of August is known as the Rioting Season. If you look back, most urban disturbances occur in the UK at this time of year. Coupled this with the GramscoStaliNazi-induced featureless nothingness of the GSNs’ deliberately-planned urban existence laid on for poor immigrant populations. Then add the daly-long, night-long windless heat, plus the ghetto-ised populations’ astonishing uncuriousness about things other than trainers, trackies, telephones,  other electronic goods, videogames and designer clothing, and you can almost believe that the Political Enemy-Class really has planned that these awful events should occur.

I share to a large extent Sean Gabb’s attitude to today’s British Police: who behave mostly like an occupying army of paramilitaries where motorists and people defending their houses and property against villains are concerned: however, given the propensity of modern ranker-police to react aggressively, their seeming  impotence, and reluctance to act in the face of clearly organised mob violence and destruction is astounding.

There is probably nothing that can reasonably be done, any more, for most of today’s active-rioting-population-register. Their lives have been deliberately corrupted, for them to become what they now are, a race of Orcs. this has been done by GSNs in our midst, who have been insinuating themselves into British institutions for over 100 years. We did, irremediably foolishly, nothing to stop them:. Example: in a987 while working as a marketing planner  in a business-PR firm bursting at the seams with young MBAs, I fell out with most of them for disagreeing with their perennially-appearing thesis: they insisted that crime, such as robbery, mugging, looting, arson and the like is always and everywhere caused by “the rich having things and the poor not having them – the rich need to be taxed more, and should be banned from buying too much or too expensive goods”. If this is not stuff that was taught them in their universities, subliminally or otherwise, then I am the Queen of Romania.

For the present rioters, probably the only cure is to use the police in the way they must have been trained, and squash this disorder with exemplary and public force. I’m not saying that we should allow the police to conduct what would effectively be public executions, for I agree with Sean as to where that might well lead. But something could be done with proper water-cannon for example: the depressant effect of a huge, high-power soaking which penetrates fof designer-wear and balaclavas, possibly even tearing it all off, would be salutory. Tear gas too has its uses. Teresa May’s fatuous comments about “policing in the UK is done by consent” can be met with the ridicule they deserve. None of this, even tear gas and water cannon, will stop them being evil  or stop them “being here”, so a longer term strategic solution will need to be found for the fate of these several thousand individuals.

But it will all repeat itself so long as the Enemy-Class continues to manufacture this kind of person on purpose. Our failing has been to not prevent them, terminally, from starting to do it. It goes much, much further back than “immigration” – possibly to 1884.

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4 responses to “Something equally-quick about the riots

  1. I absolutely agree with your analysis here,
    this entire situation has been purposefully *created* by decades of government;s social engineering policy, creating a sleuth of fatherless children without fear or religion or the glue of real family to instil proper respect for society at large, their only point of reference is *consumerism* such are their targets in the looting, all brought about by design.

    So once *the authorities* have shaped the bottom of society into this lawless fearless mass, and after prodding the situation, cutbacks, no jobs, no future, killing a *brother* guess what? they have NOTHING to lose because they have nothing and nothing to look forward to. Whilst I am agitated and worried about the destruction, I am laying the blame squarely at the door of the british government and the policies they have been persuing for decades at the alter of globalism and their ulterior agenda to create serfs.

    The police were notably allowing the rioting to carry on without taking effective measures…so what next….whats the plan?

    we should be asking the pasty white faces sitting in parliament,
    congratulations anyhow for destroying the fabric of society *a la gramsci*
    it’s not like we don’t see you.

  2. “given the propensity of modern ranker-police to react aggressively, their seeming impotence, and reluctance to act in the face of clearly organised mob violence and destruction is astounding”

    yes, David, this is the most sickening aspect – if they knocked my door to ask whether I had made peaceful comments opposing immigration, they would probably be prepared to be much more menacing… I can only assume the average police officer really agrees with the average native Briton on multiculturalism, but has been told that anything short of fullthroated enthusiasm for multiculturalism will harm his career prospects.

  3. Well dj, he does not need to have agreed to become a Policeman then! Why does nobody get this?

    The people who are policemen did not need to “take the shilling”. They could have refused, and gone and done something else instead.

    Or am I being really really crass and naive?

  4. Just like the Germans did not need to fail to not vote for the NSDAP in 1933.